Top 10 Best Tech in Marvel Movies

Top 10 Best Tech in Marvel Movies

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has captivated moviegoers and comic book fans all over the world. We have never ever seen different films that are so ambitious yet so well-done as the MCU movies! One of the reasons why we love the Marvel movies is that they not only come with entertaining storylines and engaging characters but also some of the best tech you can see in films.

So let’s take a quick peak at the top 10 best techs you can find in Marvel movies.

1. Nanotech

While we often laud Tony Stark’s technological brilliance when it comes to his Iron Man suits, he took things a step further when he debuted nanotech in Avengers Infinity War. An entire suit is housed inside a unit that you can find on his chest so that Stark could easily access the suit with just a press of a button as many different nanomachines would come out of the housing unit to wrap Tony’s entire body in a lightweight suit of armor.

The tech was featured in the Mark L in Infinity War and in the Mark LXXXV, which was featured in Endgame and is also the final Iron Man armor we would probably see in the MCU. In both films, we saw how Stark was seemingly able to create all sorts of different weapons at will by making use of the nanotech’s capabilities.

2. Vibranium

Vibranium is a metal that is found only in Wakanda after a meteorite from outer space carrying the metal landed on the fictional kingdom and is one of the strongest metals in the entire MCU. Ever since the Wakandans discovered vibranium, they secretly forged an entire advanced civilization by making use of the metal as vibranium is nearly indestructible, lightweight, and vibration-absorbent down to a molecular level.

The entire Wakandan civilization was built on the strength of this metal, but we have also seen it being used outside of Wakanda and the Black Panther suit such as the synthetic body of Vision and, most popularly, the iconic shield wielded by none other than Captain America himself.

3. Uru

If you think that vibranium is the strongest metal in the MCU, think again. Uru might not have been featured as extensively as vibranium in the Marvel movies but it has shown its capabilities in some of the best tech the films have ever shown. It is so strong that the only way for it to be melted down is by making use of the heat produced by a dying star.

First of all, Thor’s famous hammer Mjolnir is made of uru metal, and we have seen it going toe to toe with Captain America’s vibranium shield in the first Avengers film. Both Stormbreaker and the first version of the Infinity Gauntlet, both of which were featured in Infinity War, are made of Uru. And, to the surprise of many viewers, we saw Captain America’s nearly indestructible shield getting torn to shreds in Endgame by Thanos’ sword, which is made of uru metal.

4. Arc reactor

The arc reactor was first featured in the first Iron Man film as a gigantic source of energy used by Stark Industries to produce clean energy. However, when he was captured by terrorists and threatened to produce a missile for them, Tony Stark went on to create the arc reactor instead as a way of keeping himself alive and as a source of power for the very first Iron Man suit.

The arc reactor was miniaturized into a tiny unit that is no bigger than a fist but is nearly perpetual in terms of the energy it can provide. It has since become the main power source for all of Tony Stark’s different suits. Think of what it could do if it were real as we could have a potential replacement of nuclear energy.

5. Pym particles

First introduced in the first Ant-Man film, the Pym particles are what powers the Ant-Man suit to allow it to change the person’s mass at will. Hence, that is why Scott Lang was able to shrink or enlarge himself at will.

Of course, we saw the Pym particles getting used extensively in Endgame when the Avengers made use of its seemingly time-altering capabilities to travel back in time and collect the Infinity Stones to, you know, save the day.

6. Ultron and Vision

Yes, Ultron and Vision may have been characters in the MCU but let’s be real because they are still very much considered tech. The reason why Ultron and Vision are two of the best techs in the entire Marvel movies is that they were able to showcase a level of sentience that is similar to or even greater than that of a human’s despite the fact that they are machines.

Of course, Vision had the luxury of making use of the Mind Stone as a source of power, which only makes Ultron that impressive because he is almost entirely made out of technology and different combinations of algorithms produced by Tony Stark and Bruce Banner.


We can never forget Tony Stark’s personal assistants JARVIS and FRIDAY. As the tech versions of an Alfred for Stark’s Bruce Wayne, JARVIS and FRIDAY were created to be natural language user interface computer systems that basically acted as butlers who could do whatever Tony wanted them to do on a whim. It’s like having a perpetually working assistant without having to pay him or her wages.

JARVIS was featured as the main interface that Stark used from the first Iron Man film until he ultimately was destroyed by Ultron in Avengers: Age of Ultron. But he was then resurrected to become Vision in the same film. JARVIS was later replaced by FRIDAY, who acted as Stark’s assistant until his death in Endgame.

8. Helicarrier

If you think aircraft carriers are impressive, the MCU went a step further by introducing the helicarrier, which is just a flying version of an aircraft carrier but still has the capabilities of sailing on water like any aircraft carrier.

The helicarrier was SHIELD’s primary mode of large-scale transport but has since been improved by Tony Stark’s technological brilliance. We saw the helicarriers getting extended screen time in Captain America: Winter Soldier as the main weapon used by HYDRA in their attempt to take control of the world.

9. Zola’s algorithm

In relation to Captain America: Winter Soldier, the tech that ultimately powered the Helicarriers that HYDRA would have used to take over the world was Zola’s algorithm, a program created by Arnim Zola under the supervision of the HYDRA operatives hiding in SHIELD.

The reason why this is one of the best techs in the entire MCU is that the program is able to tell which person is a threat to the plans of HYDRA by quickly making use of different data and information to analyze whether or not a person should be eliminated. Think of it as a beefed-up version of the algorithm used in our smartphones but instead of assessing our next actions or our interests based on our recent searches and on our usage history, Zola’s algorithm assesses whether a person could perhaps become a threat to HYDRA.

10. Super soldier serum

Arguably the most ahead-of-it’s-time tech in the entire MCU is the super soldier serum developed by Abraham Erskine back in Captain America: The First Avenger to serve as the Allies’ primary weapon against Nazi Germany and HYDRA. This serum can turn any human into a super soldier by augmenting the person’s physical and mental capabilities while also amplifying his or her key personality traits. The first person to use the serum was Steve Rogers, who later became Captain America. But Erskine’s death made Rogers the only true super soldier in the entire MCU.

What makes the super soldier serum ahead of its time is that it was developed back in World War II and was never replicated to full effect. Arnim Zola tried to create his own version and used in on Bucky Barnes to create a weaker super soldier named the Winter Soldier. Meanwhile, US Armed Forces tried to recreate it as well but they ended up creating a serum that would eventually produce the Hulk and the Abomination. It wasn’t until the 90s that Howard Stark was able to recreate the same Erskine formula, which was then used by HYDRA to recreate a more advanced set of Winter Soldiers.

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