Lucy protects your home while she cleans: CES 2020

Lucy protects your home while she cleans: CES 2020

“Life is too short for folding sheets” that is a sign I have hanging up in my laundry room. That sign is wrong. It should read “Life is too short for folding sheets and vacuuming!”

There is no one I know that can not wait to whip out the vacuum cleaner and spend hours going through the house.

At CES, I met Trifo, a company that believes that we should have a much better life/ family/ work balance and certainly not spend time on mundane chores. And this is where their latest Smart Home Robotic Tech comes in.

Allow me to introduce you to Lucy – the AI-powered robot that will put your old vacuum cleaner into retirement.

Lucy isn’t your ordinary vacuum cleaner but an autonomous robot that literally takes over the home’s vacuuming tasks with some incredible features.

Here are just some of these features that set Lucy apart from other robot vacuum cleaners that are out are:

Automatic Identification – Lucy is the first smart home robot to recognize and divide rooms automatically. When Lucy sees a bed in a room, she will understand the object and label that room as a bedroom.

You can designate cleaning areas through the Trifo Home App or use your voice to instruct Lucy via Alexa as to which rooms to clean and which rooms to avoid.

Two Cameras Are Better than One – Lucy offers both day and night surveillance via a 1080P HDR color camera and a second active depth sensor that provides night vision.

With this unique combination, Lucy utilizes RGB and depth information like no other home robot for high precision position tracking, indoor mapping, and super intelligent self-decision-making. It also provides unique day and night surveillance functionality on a mobile platform.

Obstacle Avoidance – Most home robots cannot recognize obstacles less than 4” tall. Therefore if your beloved pooch makes a mess in the house, the vacuum would simply smear that all of the home.

Lucy doesn’t do that as she is able to see obstacles down 1”. Therefore,  slippers, socks, and pet accidents are visible, and Lucy avoids them.

Lucy provides an advanced real-time object detection with a complicated combination of proprietary 3D geometry and 3D semantics algorithms.

Lucy On Patrol – You can define a route in the home for Lucy to patrol. You can pin specific locations and Lucy can define an optimized patrol route and explore autonomously. Lucy becomes a mobile security camera! Because of the smart tech, Lucy is the only home robot that can recognize any pets, so you can keep an eye on them when you are not home.

 Lucy Can Clean – Lucy’s 3,000 Pa suction allows her to effectively clean up dirt and her 5,200 mAh battery keeps powered up to 120 minutes.

There are even more features that I hope to explore when Lucy arrives…

Trifo Develops an Ecosystem of Home Robots

Trifo’s first products were smart home robot vacuums and rapidly evolved into AI home robots with the introduction of Lucy. Trifo’s next innovation will include home robots that address personal needs such as personal healthcare management, home environment understanding and monitoring, and entertainment services. These should be released in late-2020.

Trifo range of robotic vacuum Zhe Zhang, Trifo’s Founder and CEO explains that smart home products globally will grow to $28.4 billion in revenue in 2020. The is 54% up from $18.5 billion in 2018.

“Lucy reflects the evolution of our products from robot vacuums to AIoT-enabled home robots that can assist with a wide range of features that help people with their life and work.”

With more than 50 U.S. and Chinese patents and a further 70 additional patents filed globally in U.S., Europe and China, it’s no wonder that the company is rapidly expanding.

Trifo has also raised $15 million in a Series B round of funding bringing the total raised to $26 million. The Series B raise will fund support for continued hardware and software development on future Trifo AI home robots, U.S. and European market expansion, and talent acquisition.

Excited to work with Trifo and introduce even more smart home robots to you in the near future!


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