Latest Testing Trends: Mobile Apps

Latest Testing Trends: Mobile Apps

We have downloaded 218 billion mobile apps as of 2020 – that is a crazy number of apps!

This means that any mobile app developer has an amazing addressable market. This also means that any mobile app developer faces stiff competition. One thing that guarantees an app a 1-star rating is bugs. And no one wants a 1-star rating.

The vast majority of apps downloaded are games, ranging from shooters and MOBAs to puzzles and hyper-casual games like online pokies. While they seem simple these all undergo rigorous testing. After all, they have to run on a huge range of devices, all of them with different hardware and several different versions of operating systems. Not to mention the fact that they have to perform well while offering players a consistent gaming experience and the utmost security on every device.

1-Star app immediately puts off potential download and of course isn’t seen so favorably by the Store’s algorithm and recommendation.

This is why getting your app checked by a mobile app testing company  has now become the norm. So what are the Latest Testing Trends for Mobile Apps?

AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning)

In recent years, combining AI and ML has become the latest trend in mobile app testing. How? These technologies have made it possible for more intelligent testing and faster automation. Both can also:

  • Detect redundancies and remove the repetitive test cases
  • Find mobile app errors that you may not have noticed and fix those issues
  • Identify which tests you need to focus on and which not to
  • Optimize testing procedures for your app
  • Discover other things that your app is capable of

Even if AI and ML still need some work, both can become significant factors of app testing in the future.

IoT (Internet of Things)

IoT is the connection and exchange of data between technologies. It also refers to how a person can manage a device with technology such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Some approaches for this testing trend are:

  • Making sure the app’s usability as regards the processing of data
  • Establish connectivity across several devices and transfer information with no problem
  • Considering the scalability and optimizing the performance of the app
  • Finding for possible security threats in all connected devices

As a whole, this testing trend is the fittest for user tracking-related mobile apps. After all, IoT testing became a trend because of the wearable gadgets’ popularity.

Cloud-Based Technology

Cloud-Based testing refers to the process of doing test cases for your app in the cloud. It is the usage of a virtual environment in which you can copy the same conditions of your chosen device. This type of testing became a trend due to its benefits, including:

  • Lots of cloud testing choices that allow you to choose something that fits your mobile app
  • The ability to test across many devices at the same time
  • No capacity limitations for the test cases
  • Cost-efficient and easy to set up
  • Access to various resources, including lots of smartphone devices through the cloud

It can be challenging to test mobile apps across many devices because there are lots of device types. Thus, this type of testing is excellent if you want to save money while doing mobile app testing.

App Security

Security has been a concern for many consumers who are using mobile apps. This aspect is correct, especially for apps that are financial and gaming-related. Why? Users need to put their credentials to do transactions in these apps. Testers use this type of testing to:

  • Protect the user’s details and other credentials they inputted in the app
  • Look for possible security breaches and fix those issues
  • Make sure that the servers and systems used in the app are safe and protected

It is also ideal to combine app security testing with other methods. This way, the possibility of data leaks will reduce, and you can maintain a quality mobile app.

So in summary

Due to the increase of mobile apps launched every year, testing is more vital than ever to stay on top of the game. In this article, we have tackled the four latest app testing trends. These trends include AI & ML, IoT, Cloud-Based Technology, and Security testing. Make sure to select a method that suits the needs of your app.


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