Top 3 Tech Trends To Watch In 2021

Top 3 Tech Trends To Watch In 2021

2020 has been pretty revolutionary with regards to the speed at which we witnessed the global digital transformation.

There have been a lot of breakthroughs in almost every field. The unpredictability of the previous year has made the task of predicting future trends even more audacious.

But here are some of the trends that are bound to dominate the software development landscape in 2021 and beyond.

#1 5G

The 5th generation mobile network is the newest and probably the most powerful technology to take over in 2021. 5G introduces a brand new network with the ability to connect everyone and everything together, including objects, devices, and machines, which makes it one of the most promising trends for custom software development.

Here are some key features you need to know about the 5G technology:

  • It has a unified air interface.
  • It is capable of enabling next-generation user experiences.
  • It empowers new deployment models.
  • It delivers new services.
  • It will impact every industry, making transportation safer, enabling remote healthcare, improving agriculture, and a whole lot more.
  • It has an incredible speed of 20 gigabits per second based on the IMT 2020.
  • It extends into a new spectrum of mmWave and delivers lower latency rates and quicker responses.

The good news is that 5G is already here and is rolling out in various countries around the world connecting even more people and devices at a higher rate. This is especially important in countries where internet connection via cable or DSL is lacking and the only way to get online is via mobile phone.

#2 Internet of Things

The second software development trend that is going to define 2021 is undoubtedly the Internet of Things, also known as IoT.

The Internet of Things is the technology behind all of these smart objects that we can operate with minimal manual intervention. All of these smart devices are basically embedded with certain sensors, software, and network connectivity, which goes a long way in helping us collect data and utilize it. These days, the Internet of Things can be used for such simple things as step tracking and blood pressure monitors. It’s also indispensable for achieving more advanced goals. Thus, the IoT-powered systems help run the entire smart home, which completely runs on devices. Doesn’t that sound magical? So, yes, the Internet of Things is definitely a software development trend that you need to get on this year and beyond.

Let’s look at the main features that make IoT such a big deal today:

  • Helps process huge amounts of data without affecting system performance.
  • It is a significant factor in Big Data projects.
  • It reduces operating costs.
  • By 2022, the smart home global market is projected to reach more than 50 billion dollar market capitalization.
  • It makes remote working options a lot more feasible.
  • It enhances customer experience and productivity.
  • By 2022, companies are set to invest 15 trillion dollars in the Internet of Things.

Additionally, 5G technology is poised to support the IoT market growth and vice versa, as time and bandwidth play a major role in both of these technologies.

 #3 Artificial Intelligence

The third software development trend that deserves to be mentioned on today’s list is artificial intelligence.

It’s not a secret that AI is riding the crest of popularity, as more and more industries automate and optimize various routine processes to boost their productivity. But there is much more to AI technology, which has a lot in store for us. Artificial intelligence is a truly amazing technology, and let’s try to break down why.

  • It enables automation in technology, communication, transportation, consumer experiences, and any service industry.
  • It can analyze data trends, offer reliable forecasts, estimates success rates for your entrepreneurial venture, interprets statistical and other sorts of numerical data, and help companies in making informed decisions.
  • It can enhance customer experiences.
  • It has made huge advances in the medical industry.
  • It helps provide accurate yet personalized solutions for services.
  • It helps to solve any complex problems in major industries.
  • It leads to increased business efficiency. For example, implementing product matching software in your Ecommerce business can increase your productivity and ROI.

Artificial intelligence is going to be as huge as it gets. And this trend is going to get greater with each passing year.

So in summary:

As we moved from the industrial age to the information age, there was loads of interpretation. The same thing is happening now. Automation and Artificial Intelligence are the next step in our evolution which means we need to adapt to the tech and embrace it.

While many are concerned about how this will impact their jobs in the future, the workplace will need to adjust. In fact, education will need to adjust and move away from remembering facts (which are now Google-able) to focusing more on the arts, entrepreneurship, and skills that we can manage – while outsourcing the repetitive manual tasks to machines.


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