How to protect your Android from spying on you

How to protect your Android from spying on you

When I ask people if they protect their phones with an antivirus, I get blank stares usually followed by “I have nothing to hid” or “who would want the info on my phone so who cared about Android security”

And you might be thinking the same.

Ever left your phone in an Uber or at the hotel or simply can’t find it? Do you remember that panicked feeling? That is because you have all your personal info on your phone and you certainly don’t want a stranger looking at your private family photos!

It is 2020. It is really time for you to get serious about protecting your phone. Here are a couple of ways you can do that:

Always use antivirus

When you use your phone you can obviously see which apps are open, however, you have no idea what is going on in the background. Are there any processes that are phishing for your passwords? Are there any apps that look like legitimate banking apps but are actually not?

This is where something like  Malwarebytes antivirus keeps the device protected. It updates as any other app does so you are constantly being protected without having to take any additional steps.

Never install not from the Play Store

As tempting as it may be to install apps that are usually a paid-for app for FREE, don’t do it. Only install apps from the Google Play store as those apps have been through a process where they are checked for malicious code. APK files (or the install files) that are kept on some random server out there have no control over what is in those files. Any app developer can create additional code that is wrapped around a „legitimate” app and you wouldn’t know it.

Use updated software

You must always update software. Those who have too many apps in their android devices often forget to update the apps which means that there a gaping hole on your phone right now!

The reasons companies update their apps is not just to update new features and fix bugs, but also close any gaps that were identified in their software that could potentially be exploited.

Encrypt your phone

When you mention phone encryption, there is a perception that this is a 007-FBI style thing that only secret service agents and villains need to do. However, this is not the case. Encryption software is available and is especially required if you store confidential information on your phone. This is also a great idea if you travel internationally and tend to keep a copy of your passport or social security card on your device.

So In Summary

Finally, remember that the human is always the weakest link. Be very mindful of clicking on links in emails that seem legitimate but are not.

The tools are now in your hands and you can decide what you want to implement and how secure you want to be. Don’t forget to do this for your family’s phone too!

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