How these Instagrammers and Snapchatters are monetizing their work

How these Instagrammers and Snapchatters are monetizing their work

The theory is great.

You snap some pics and brands instantly love the way you engaged with their product and they throw loads of money at you.

The reality….not so.

In fact the reality is that you have to have a really large number of followers and these followers need to be engaged and actively comment and like these images and even then you have to fight and claw your way to the top onl be recognised as an “up and comer”.

So how do you go from being a great photographer with a nice set of followers and amazing work to make some money ?

One idea is to form a collective.

As an individual each person has an audience, but the power of the group collectively is exponential.

This is exactly what The Breadcrumb Squad is all about – a bunch of talented photographers on various platforms with varied specialties who got together to form a group and are making intense headway with brands.

I spoke to Matthew Kanniah, Social Media Influencer, Consultant and Strategist and Jenna Leah, freelance photographer who revealed the inner workings of how their squad works. Listen to the tips and tricks these guys have on working out the formula on how to monetize their talents:

The group is vast so if you want to reach out to them, here are some contact details:

Matthew Kanniah – Social Media Influencer, Consultant and Strategist – Twitter: @matthewkanniah, Instagram: @matthewkanniah – Snapchat: matthewkanniah & ExploreZA

Jenna Leah – Freelance photographer – Snapchat: jen_ecks – Twitter: @echoes0fsummer – Instagram: @echoesofsummer

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4 thoughts on “How these Instagrammers and Snapchatters are monetizing their work

  1. So it comes out #breadcrumbsquad is all about the money. Why didn’t the real leaders of the #breadcrumbsquad say something, I’m not sure they’d like the last members to be let into their group to be their spokespeople.

    Why don’t these people mention that they have day jobs. Matthew works for an online gambling company, not exactly the most honest of businesses. Jenna is a student.

  2. Hi RichV,
    The chat is all about a behind the scene how these individuals, who are part of the group, are using their talents. Why should they not want to monetize their work? In the interview they said they do loads of free stuff but you can’t pay your bills with “free” so they create brand campaigns which are paid for.

    Also, I am not sure what their “day jobs” has to do with their photography work? Loads of influences around the world have a day job.

    Finally, just to be clear – they were speaking as individuals who are part of the group.

    hope that clarifies.

  3. They need to touch up their lies… the “collab” between those crumbs are just between themselves. They don’t really feature other guys who are “underrated”.. they feature their friends and maybe their friends’ friends… so basically becoming an exclusive club which is getting “unapproachable” like she mentioned in the beginning. Don’t get me wrong… there are incredibly talented people in this group and they good people. They just need to stop telling lies and pretend that they are doing something for others… it’s mostly for selfish reasons.

  4. Hi NJ,
    They are rather clear – they do things as a group and give attention to each other and leverage off each other. So they collab between members of the group.

    The formed a collective and they are working as a collective to promote each other within the group. In other words like every business. They use the talents of the employees to build that business.

    At no point did they claim that they go out and find people outside of their group so am not sure where the “telling lies and pretend that they are doing something for others…its mostly for selfish reasons.”.

    Did I miss that ?

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