Google adds Send to Device option

Google adds Send to Device option


Having a smartphone means having access to the internet and to apps (oh and the ability to make phone call too). While we can download a multitude of apps, there is one common app that seems to be on every phone – the mapping app. Having access to maps takes away the “fear” of getting around in  a new country or new city as getting directions from point A to point B, is a simple tap away.

In order to make this functionality even more user-friendly, Google has added a “Send to Device” option.

Simply look up any address on your computer on and you will be able to send that address to the your Android phone as long as your Android phone is running the latest version of Google Maps and you are logged in with the same username as on your PC.

Google adds Send to Device option

On the phone, the directions will appear as a notifications which you can simply tap on and begin driving.

Google adds Send to Device option

Of course as long as you are logged into your Google Account on your Android Google Map you can also see any historical searches you conducted on your computer  too.

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