Samsung Galaxy note 9 s pen tips and tricks

12 Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S-Pen Tips and Tricks every Note 9 owner should know

Amongst the multitude of Samsung Galaxy S10 videos,  you might have noticed that many tech reviewers said they were not buying the S10 as they were waiting for the Note […]

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How to STOP the Samsung ONE UI battery drain on your Galaxy S9, Note 9 and S10

Phone software updates are necessary. They tend to fix issues and they might even introduce new features. While not every update needs to be revolutionary, the least we can expect […]

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samsung galaxy s10 camera notch wallpaper cutout

Simple solutions to hide the Samsung Galaxy S10 camera notch

The new Samsung Galaxy S10 is out and in the hands of Samsung fans around the world. With its superb spec, large screen and amazing camera fans have been raving […]

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What is the difference between Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality ?

Aaaad the geeks have done it again – instead of keeping things simple, they once again have come up with terminology to confuse the daylights out of ordinary people. This […]

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What teens traded for a holiday from Samsung

I love this ad. Yes an advert.. Its an advert for Samsung Galaxy A smartphone which is so simple but so powerful. The ad doesn’t talk about specs of the […]

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New Samsung phablet is noted !

Samsung recently unveiled their latest phablet device – the Samsung Note 5. During the event, I remember staring at the phone’s screen and wondering why would anyone want this unit […]

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BlackBerry announces partnership with Samsung, SalesForce and Brightstar

Once again it would seem that those writing off BlackBerry have to eat a bit of humble pie as BlackBerry announces a strategic partnership with several companies to once again […]

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Hands on review Video of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Having been the original user and owner of the Samsung Galaxy Note1 (pictured on the left), I was rather excited to get my hands on the Galaxy Note 4. Holding […]

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