5 changes to get faster WiFi in Windows 10

5 changes to get faster WiFi in Windows 10

Don’t accept slow and sluggish WiFi. If you are sitting in front of your Windows 10 computer and you can just feel that something isn’t right with your WiFi and your internet, then here are 5 simple changes that you can do right now to get your WiFi and internet speed back on track and get faster WiFi in Windows 10!

How can you get Faster WiFi and faster Internet?


Step 1: Resetting the Winsock.

Any app on your computer that wants to access the internet, it uses something called the Windows Socket. Because every single program and app uses this socket, over time, the Winsock Catalog can become corrupt or damaged.

This is common especially after removing malware or viruses from your computer or you have removed a firewall or a VPN program.

What we will do is reset the Windows Socket (Winsock) back to its default settings so any legitimate programs will start using a fresh version.

Here is what you do.

  1. In your Windows 10, type CMD in the search bar.
  2. Right-click on the cmd.exe and choose Run as administrator.

How to get Faster WiFi

  1. In the black box that appears, the command prompt, type: netsh winsock reset and hit enter

How to get Faster WiFi

Don’t close this window as you will need it for the next step.

Step 2: Resetting the TCP/IP protocol

Our computers communicate with the internet via the TCP/IP protocol. When your computer  starts to get connection errors for some odd reasons, then this protocol rules may have become corrupt

In the same command prompt black box, type: netsh int ip reset and hit enter.

Note: if you have a static IP, or set up a manual DNS or any custom IP settings for your computer, then those will need to be set up again.

Make sure you reboot your computer

Step 3: Wireless Card Setting

Your wireless card that connects your computer to the WiFi network has three settings that need to be changed.

None of these are destructive, so you can always switch back to your default setting if you want to.

Start by opening the WiFi card setting. You do this by:

  1. Right-click on the WiFi setting and choose Open Network & Internet settings

How to get Faster WiFi

  1. Click on Change Adaptor Settings

How to get Faster WiFi

  1. Right-click on your WiFi adaptor and choose properties

how to get faster wifi setting

  1. Click on configure
  2. Select Advanced

You should see a screen similar to this where there are three settings to change:

how to get faster wifi advance setting

Roaming aggressiveness:

Your computer and phone automatically connect to the WiFi access point with the strongest signal that has the same SSID. As you are walking around an office, it will constantly look for a better WiFi signal and hand you over to the next access point without you having to constantly log on again.

If your computer or laptop doesn’t move from your room there is no reason for your WiFi card to constantly look for a better signal – there isn’t any!

Change the Roaming Aggressiveness to Lower which means that unless there is serious signal degradation, your wireless card will not look for a better signal.

The highest setting is good in an area where there are multiple access points so you want your WiFi card to constantly look for a better signal.

Throughput booster:

Next up we are going to play with the Throughput Booster. This enhances the WiFi transmission by enabling packet bursting and is set to disable by default.

When you set it to ENABLED, your wireless card will try grab as much of the bandwidth as possible and doesn’t give another device equal access to the available WiFi bandwidth. Therefore, you get more bandwidth while others get less.

It should be disabled in an area where everyone else also needs access to the WiFi and especially when using older WiFi networks like 802.11b or 802.11g.

Transmit Power:

Transmit Power sets the power that your wireless card uses to connect to the WiFi. Usually, this is set at the lowest level as in a small congested area, there will be less interference with other devices.

However, when you set it to the highest, you will instruct your Wireless card to get maximum performance and range from your network card.

Let me know what you think and also check out how to make your PS4 WiFi speed


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