13 Samsung One UI Features you MUST know!

13 Samsung One UI Features you MUST know!

Oh wow! If you have a Samsung phone you need to know about the new Samsung One UI update that is currently being rolled out across the various networks in the US. I am on the Verizon network and I received my update which I gladly installed on my Galaxy S9.

So what does this update consist of? Well, it certainly is different to what we have been used to on Android 7 or Android 8 and even some features from Android 9.  The One UI update on your Galaxy S9 or your Galaxy Note 9 does come with some features and settings which you should know about. I have put together these 13 tips to make that transition easier as it can get a bit confusing…

13 Samsung One UI features you should know:

Have you gotten your update? What do you think of it?


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