Simple solutions to hide the Samsung Galaxy S10 camera notch

Simple solutions to hide the Samsung Galaxy S10 camera notch

The new Samsung Galaxy S10 is out and in the hands of Samsung fans around the world. With its superb spec, large screen and amazing camera fans have been raving about it all over social media.

However, there is one complaint that has split the fans – it’s the front-facing camera punch hole camera.

Now it’s not about the camera itself, but more about the fact that the camera is part of the display screen so it is constantly visible. This is not sitting well with some Galaxy fans who already hate the notch-trend…

So if you don’t like the Galaxy S10 punch-hole camera starring at you and constantly drawing your eyes to it, then here are three solutions that will make you love your Samsung phone again:


1. Enable the Night Mode:

The first option is to enable the Night Mode. Just head over into the Quick Settings and tap on Night Mode. When you do that, it will set your phone’s screen to black which instantly hides the camera!

Note: this will only work when you are in settings and various menu options where the Night Mode is applicable. You can also enable Dark Mode in several apps like YouTube so that you won’t see the camera there either.

2. Full-Screen Apps:

If you want to permanently hide the camera notch, just head over into Settings, then Display, then choose full-screen apps, and at the top select Hide front camera.

When you do that, the line where the camera notch is turned black and the camera magically disappears into that.

The good news is that this will work on every screen, however, it also means that you lose that top section of the display.

3. Cut-Out Galaxy S10 Wallpaper

Sometimes the most technical solutions are solved in the most creative ways. In this case, people have realized that the camera could be less intrusive if it was hidden inside a cleverly designed wallpaper. So now a new genre has speared where special Galaxy s10 and S10 Plus wallpapers are appearing online which strategically place the camera inside the wallpaper!

There are several sources of where you can get these wallpapers, but start with the Galaxy Store and then head over to Reddit too!

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