Some Samsung Galaxy S10 Rumor Roundup before Unpacked Event

Some Samsung Galaxy S10 Rumor Roundup before Unpacked Event

Feb 20th is a big day for Samsung. And for us.

That is when Samsung Unpacked event is scheduled and when we will finally get to see all the cool new products that Samsung has been working on which includes the Galaxy S10.

Now that the rumor mill needed any additional help in speculating on what the new phones will be and revealing “leaked images” and specifications of the new Galaxy S10 range.

So what do we know so far and what can we look forward to? Here is a summary from across the web:

Not 1 but 4 Galaxy S10 phones:

It seems to be unanimous that Samsung will unveil four different Galaxy S10 phones each with their own nuances and price points. We can expect:

  • Galaxy S10 Lite which is the baby in the range and the least expensive. Some have called this the Galaxy S10 E
  • Galaxy S10 which is the “normal/ standard” phone.
  • Galaxy S10 Plus because we need to have phones with a larger display and a couple of extra features.
  • Galaxy S10 X which is the one that will be at the top of the price point as it is said to have virtually the best of the best of everything.

Whats the difference between the Galaxy S10 phones?

From what I could work out from various websites and searches, here is what we can expect:

Galaxy S10 Lite Galaxy S10 Galaxy S10 Plus Galaxy S10 X
Display 5.8 inch 6.1 inch 6.4 inch 6.7 inch
Curved Screen No Yes yes Yes
Rear Camera Dual Lens Triple Lens Triple Lens Quad Lens
Front Camera Single Lens Single Lens Dual Lens Dual Lens
Storage 128 GB 128 GB / 512 GB 128 GB 1 TB
Memory/ Ram 6 GB 6 GB / 12 GB 6 GB / 12 GB 12 GB

When it comes to price, it seems like the S10 Lite will be sub $700 and the S10 X will be around $1200 with the other phones falling in between those brackets.

Will the Samsung S10 be a folding phone?

The folding phone is coming as apparently its what we want but didn’t know we wanted it…Will the Samsung S10 be a folding phone? I am not so sure. Yes, Samsung did tease it in their promo video, but will it be ready for Feb 20th? I am not convinced. I am also not sure they want to overshadow their entire new lineup with a phone that already the industry is having a hard time accepting. Flagship launches are critical and Samsung wants as many good vibes as possible.

samsung s10 folding phone leaked

How to watch the Samsung Unpacked event live?

The Media invited have gone out and even though I checked my mail regularly, mine seems to have gone missing. *cough cough Samsung*. So I guess I will be watching the stream which will be available on  and  (time wasn’t announced at the time of writing this)

So in summary:

Samsung recently rolled out their One UI updated to Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9 phone so I am excited to see what Samsung has to offer on the new Galaxy S10 range. Very rarely have I been disappointed by an unpacked event and Samsung is smart by hosting their own event vs. launching flagship devices amongst the masses of CES and Mobile World Congress. I am hoping for amazing cameras, stabilized footage, nice battery life, the ability to charge other devices wirelessly from your device, and of course speed/ performance.

Are you going to watch the launch? What are you excited about? Are you going to update your phone? let me know!

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