What is Samsung NOT telling us about the Samsung Fold

What is Samsung NOT telling us about the Samsung Fold

At the Samsung Unpacked event 2019, Samsung revealed their new line up of phones as they do each year. However this year there was something different. Something was off.

Besides the flagship phones that were unveiled and some accessories, earbuds, fitness trackers and watches, Samsung unveiled their folding phone – the Samsung Fold.

While we had several leaks about the device, seeing it in action you couldn’t help being wowed by what looks like a stunning phone that also doubles up as a tablet. For a moment, you for a moment, you forget that you don’t actually NEED a phone to double as a tablet and you get swept up in the hype.

However, when the hype died down and I rewatched the event, I realized that something is off. Something is missing from the Samsung Fold. When you cut beyond the layer of marketing, animations, and stunning visuals, there are questions. Questions that Samsung needs to answer.

Here is what Samsung didn’t tell us about the Samsung Fold:

I love the idea of the phone. I love the idea of the phone evolving from having the same shape and functions, and I do love that Samsung is breaking out of the mold. When Samsung came out with the Galaxy Note 1 and called it a phablet, people laughed. It was my favorite phone. Then over time, people saw the value and now the Note series is so popular that people are excited about the Galaxy S10, but can’t wait to see the Note10!

Exciting time in the mobile world…and its about time too!

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