What is your State searching for before Valentine’s Day and who is searching for “Breakups”and “Tinder”?

What is your State searching for before Valentine’s Day and who is searching for “Breakups”and “Tinder”?

February. It’s the month of love with Valentine’s Day around the corner. It’s the month of romantic poetry, cute teddy bears, heart-shaped chocolates….and breakups!?! Yes, it seems like in the USA, “Break up” is a very popular term leading up to Valentine’s day. How sad is that?

Using Google Trends, the team at SatelliteInternet.com analyzed the top search terms for each state to produce a list of each state’s most-googled Valentine’s-related term. Some states are very romantic preferring Poetry and Romantic Movies, while others are hardcore with breakup and Tinder looking for that hook up perhaps?

Here is what your state searched for:

Valentine's day infographic

Some Notable Top Valentine’s Day Searches

  • break up” is the most popular Valentine’s Day search term in 23 states including California, Arizona, New York, Michigan, New Jersey, Illinois, Georgia, Florida, Washington, and 14 other states. (scary stuff)
  • Poetry” is the top search in 12 states including Virginia, Hawaii, Louisiana, South Carolina, Maryland, Texas, Oregon, Alabama, Indiana, Kansas, New Mexico, and New Hampshire.
  • The Bachelor” comes up at the most searched term in Colorado, Utah, Maine, Arkansas, Minnesota, and Wisconsin
  • Romantic movies” for the win in Nevada.
  • Tinder” is popular in South Dakota and Alaska but Washington, DC, prefers “Bumble” while Idaho’s most popular Valentine’s Day search is “free dating apps.”
  • Chocolate gifts” top the search list in Montan
  • gifts for him”  for Vermont
  • free Valentine’s cards” is tops in Rhode Island

Whatever you are Googling for Valentine’s day, and whatever you are into (not judging) I hope it will be an amazing one and a superb rest of the year!

Liron Segev - TheTechieGuy

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