Are you still ruining your eyes in this Blue Light Digital Age?

Are you still ruining your eyes in this Blue Light Digital Age?

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It is 10 pm. I am working on another video for my YouTube channel and have been glued to my screen for hours. But this time instead of waiting for that headache to start, things are different. This time I don’t feel tired, my eyes aren’t strained and I attribute this to the new anti-Blue Light glasses from Pixel.

On average, we are said to spend over 10 hours a day starring at some screen – be it your TV, your computer, your tablet or your phone. It seems like everyone needs some reading glasses which help, but traditional glasses are designed for reading books. While they certainly help with reading text on a screen, the eyes still take some strain due to the blue light emitted from the screen.

It’s this blue light that causes those late-night headaches and eyestrain.

What can we do about Blue Light?

You would have noticed that phones and computers have some “Daylight” settings built into the software which start to reduce blue light during the evening. The aim is to reduce the amount of blue light so that the body’s natural sleep rhythm can be maintained instead of being blasted with this “KEEP AWAKE” light!

This is wonderful for a bit, but as it reduces the vividness of the phone, we simply disable that feature and so we are back to the same problem again.

This is where special glasses from Pixel come in.

These glasses have special lenses that still provide you with clarity when staring at your screen but filter out the blue light. It is worth noting that Pixel has glasses for those who wear prescription or reading glasses as well as for those who have no need for reading glasses at all. Everyone can benefit.

Who should use Pixel Glasses?

If you spend long hours in front of any type of digital screen, then these glasses are a must. Who knows how much damage we have already done to our eyes having that blue light infiltrate our eyes over the years…

Since using glasses, I found that not only do I get fewer headaches, but falling asleep is much easier. It seems that having that screen light has an impact on the natural circadian rhythm – our internal clock that guides out sleep/ wake cycles. This is confirmed by research from Harvard that shows that blue light exposure has disrupted circadian reasons twice as much!

Not only for adults

I have two kids who are in high school. Most of their school work is conducted on Chromebooks which means that they too are glued to their screens. Of course, if its not school work, it’s their phone, gaming stations, and iPads. There is no escaping a screen in 2020…

Since wearing the Pixel glasses they too have noticed the big change in their sleeping habits as well as their ability to work on school projects late into the evening.

So in summary:

We need to remember that cell phones are a relatively new invention and we have no idea on how much long term damage those screens are causing our eyes. What I do like about the Pixel glasses is that they are like your “normal” glasses. You can wear them at all times as they only protect your eyes from blue light while still providing 100% UV light.

Check out Pixel’s website where you can select the style of glasses, if it’s prescription or reading glasses or not and shortly thereafter, it arrives on your doorstep.

Protecting your eyes and your children’s eyes should be a priority as we be exposed to more screens as we head off into 2020 and beyond.

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