We got your SIX says NBC saving Brooklyn Nine Nine

When it was announced that the TV series Brooklyn 99 would be canceled by FOX, saying that fans were a little unhappy would be the understatement of the year.

Fans took to every social media demanding that Nine-Nine be brought back immediately and things got serious when Lin-Manuel Miranda took to Twitter with this Tweet:

With over 81 000 retweets and over 217 000 times likes on this tweet alone, fans had a clear message – BRING.Nine Nine.BACK!

“Nine-Nine” started trending and fans started to realize that they would no longer join the crazy, sarcastic, at times dysfunctional, gang, a savior appeared in the form of NBC with this tweet::

Brooklyn 99 will be renewed and is ready for the next season. Melissa Fumero, aka Amy Santiago, summed it up perfectly:

ahhhhthe power of the people and the use of social media to make the voices heard…




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