How you can unblock streaming services worldwide with Smart DNS Proxy

How you can unblock streaming services worldwide with Smart DNS Proxy

When I travel that is pretty much the only time I get to catch up on my series. So it is really frustrating trying to access a service that I pay for only to be greeted by a message saying “this service is not available in your country”

This is called geo-blocking and what you need is a Smart DNS service to get around that. I use who are also the sponsors of this post and I am going to explain what this is Smart DNS and then show you how simple it is to use.

What is a Smart DNS?

You have heard of DNS. This is the process where your computer takes what you type in a browser and finds its IP address. So when you type it finds that this website lives at this IP and sends your browser that.

A SmartDNS is made up of the DNS but also adds a proxy server into the mix. What this means is that when you put in a website that is geo-locked, instead of the system just taking your browser directly to that website, it goes via their server which is located in that country.

Therefore, the website doesn’t see that you requested from your country but sees the connection request from a local computer that is in their country.

If Smart DNS illegal?

You don’t have to use the DNS that your ISP gives you. I have shown you many times how different DNS can impact your internet speed.

So changing the DNS is not illegal.

But remember that a Smart DNS does NOT hide your activities. It is NOT a VPN that encrypts your data and hides your IP address. The only thing a Smart DNS doe is tell that website – “hey I am in your country so please allow me to log into the account I pay for.”

Does Smart DNS impact speed?

No – in fact, you should see pretty decent performance on the website you are streaming. With a traditional VPN where you change your IP location, it is common to see a reduction in speed as the VPN needs to encrypt all your traffic first, but with SmartDNS you don’t have that.

How do you actually use SmartDNSproxy?

Firstly head over to the website SmartDNSproxy and sign up. You get 14 days account with no credit card required and no software is needed to be installed. This means you can use the same account on multiple devices in your home!

Once you confirm your email address all you have to do is change your DNS on your computer or router.

They have a very handy guide on the site showing you the step by step instruction on how to set up SmartDNS.


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