iPhone 12 range doesn’t come with a charger? People are NOT happy…

iPhone 12 range doesn’t come with a charger? People are NOT happy…

We all know that I have not that much love for Apple but I will say when four new iPhone 12 models were unveiled we had to pay attention. Recently, Apple launched their 5.4-inch iPhone 12 Mini, 6.1-inch iPhone 12, 6.1-inch iPhone 12 Pro, and 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max at an amazing online event. I have to give credit where credit is due!

As usual, the rumor mill was leaking images and specs before the official launch, but one of the biggest surprises that we didn’t anticipate was that the iPhones will no longer come with a charger.

Seriously Apple? We have gotten used to no earphones, but no charger?

That is outrageous. Surely if you are paying this much for a phone, it should come with all the components that make it work?

SellCell.com conducted a survey to gather the sentiments of iPhone users. This was an online survey and involved more than 3000 iPhone users aged 18 years or older, based in the United States.

Based on this survey, I am glad to see I am not the only one who thinks this is ridiculous!

Here are some of the key highlights:

iPhone 12 Post-Launch Survey highlights:

  • 5G capability is the best feature of the iPhone 12 at 53%, according to current iPhone users.
  • MagSafe technology takes the second spot in the list of most exciting features at 47.8%, followed by Compact ‘Mini’ size (41.9%) and Flat-edge design (37.9%).
  • Other popular responses include ‘Ceramic Shield’ glass protection (30.8%), Improved camera features (25.9%), Faster A14 Bionic processor (20.9%), Improved XDR OLED display (16.9%), and New color options (14%).
  • Improved water resistance (10.9%) and LiDAR scanner (8.2%) are among the least popular additions to the iPhone 12.
  • A majority (82.8%) of iPhone users said they aren’t bothered by the lack of much-rumored 120Hz display on the iPhone 12 series, as opposed to 17.2% who said otherwise.
  • A majority (73.9%) disagree with Apple removing the charger and wired Earpods from the iPhone 12 box, with 48% saying they ‘strongly disagree’ and another 25.9% saying ‘disagree.’
  • Meanwhile, two in 10 (20.1%) iPhone users agree with Apple’s radical new move, with 7.9% selecting ‘strongly agree’ and 12.2% selecting ‘agree.’ A mere 6 percent neither agree nor disagree with the firm’s decision.
  • When asked what they think about the iPhone 12 pricing, the following were the responses: Good value (36.1%), Fairly priced (23%), Expensive (27.9%), Too expensive (13%).
  • 74% not happy about Apple ditching accessories

New iPhone Features:

When asked “What new feature(s) of the iPhone 12 lineup do you like the best?” these were their responses:

iPhone new features

  • 5G capability – 53%
  • MagSafe technology – 47.8%
  • Compact ‘Mini’ size – 41.9%
  • Flat-edge design – 37.9%
  • ‘Ceramic Shield’ glass protection – 30.8%
  • Improved camera features – 25.9%
  • Faster processor (A14 Bionic) – 20.9%
  • Improved XDR OLED display – 16.9%
  • New color options – 14%
  • Improved water resistance – 10.9%
  • LiDAR scanner – 8.2%

Refresh Rate:

Despite several pre-launch reports tipping an upgrade to 120Hz displays, the iPhone 12 lineup still retains the 60Hz display of its predecessor.

But is that a deal-breaker?

The survey revealed that:

iPhone12 Refresh rate

  • A majority of iPhone users are content with a 60Hz display, as 82.8% say they are not bothered by the lack of a higher resolution display.
  • Whereas a relatively smaller 17.2% aren’t happy about missing out on higher refresh rate displays.

What about having no charger?

Apple followed up on its carbon-neutral promise with the omission of the charger and wired Earpods from the box of iPhone 12 models.

The participants were asked how they felt about Apple removing the iPhone charger, here is what they said:

iPhone 12 has no charger

  • Most of the users (73.9%) disagree with Apple’s action, with 48% votes on ‘strongly disagree’ and 25.9% on ‘disagree.’
  • Meanwhile, 20.1% are in support of Apple ditching accessories, with 7.9% opting ‘strongly agree’ and 12.2% opting ‘agree.’
  • Six percent of iPhone users are not sure what to make of it (‘undecided’).

Is the iPhone too expensive?

The starting prices of the new lineup are $699 for iPhone 12 Mini, $799 for iPhone 12, $999 for iPhone 12 Pro, and $1099 for iPhone 12 Pro Max.

What did the respondents think of the new iPhone prices?

iphone 12 pricing

  • Good value – 36.1%;
  • Fairly priced – 23%;
  • Expensive – 27.9%;
  • Too expensive – 13%
  • Conclusion

So in Summary:

The latest survey results echoed the findings from their pre-launch report for the most part when it comes to the list of most exciting features of the iPhone 12.

5G connectivity once again tops the list of most popular features of iPhone 12, followed by MagSafe technology, compact form factor (iPhone 12 Mini), Flat-edge design, and ‘Ceramic Shield’ protection.

What was surprising was that the majority of iPhone users (82.8%) think 120Hz displays are gimmicky and are content with the 60Hz display of the new lineup.

With a whopping 73.9% expressing their disagreement, it is clear from the survey that Apple’s reasoning for ditching chargers and earphones has failed to strike a chord with most iPhone users.


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