Review: Tribit XFree Color Wireless Earphones

Review: Tribit XFree Color Wireless Earphones

Bluetooth headphones are everywhere thanks to cell phone manufacturers who for some reason, decided that the headphone jack is no longer required.

I was sent the Tribit XFree Color Wireless Earphones to review which seemed to fit my “earphones that don’t break the wallet but still have great quality and superb battery life” criteria.  I have been using them for a little while now and they have just become my go-to earphones. Here is why:

Magnetic Quality

When you hold the Tribit earphones you can tell that you are holding a quality product. The earbuds are protected by a lightweight aluminum and the earbuds are magnetic. Originally I thought this would be a gimmick, but I was wrong. Whenever I don’t have the earphone in my ears, I hang them around my neck in a tech-necklace-like fashion as the two earbuds click together. Simple but effective way to ensure that I don’t lose them.

Let’s Talk

When I get any Bluetooth headphones, I put them through the “Dad earpiece test”. This is where I connect the headphones to my phone to make and receive phone calls. Poor quality Bluetooth headphones or earbuds usually result in the person I am speaking to asking “are you on a speaker phone?” or “is the window open?” This was not the case with the Tribit earbuds. I wasn’t asked this at all which meant that the sound quality was super. Nice!

Let’s Dance

I use my earphones mainly for music and when edit my YouTube videos so that I don’t disturb those around me. The Tribit has an impressive 8mm dynamic speakers which pump out quality and crystal clear sounds. Regardless if you are into Tim McGraw Country, Hip Hop or Heavy Metal, the Tribit has a wonderful deep base, crisp and sharp high notes and everything in between.

Battery Life

The downside of Bluetooth earphones is that you need to keep it charged just like you do your cell phone. The Tribit has, officially, a 10-hour battery capability on a full charge and takes about a 1.5 hours to fully charge.  During my tests, this was true and I would get roughly around the 10-hour mark just depending on how heavy I was using the earphone during that day.

No sweat

The Tribit has a nano-coating and is rated as IPX5 making it water resistant. This means that if you are working out and need to splash your face with water, you don’t have to worry that these earphones would suffer any damage. It also means that if you happen to be caught in the rain you can continue to listen to your music as your phone is tucked away in your sexy cycling shirt pocket.

No – you can not swim with these.

So in summary

I was surprised and impressed. 14g in weight, 10-hour battery, water resistant and noise canceling for call-making is what you get for under $30 – now that is a lot of earphone technology that suits everyone – regardless of the type of music you listen to!

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Note: The Tribit XFree Color Wireless Earphones were sent to me for this review. As always, the above review is from my personal experience.

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