No more WiFi dead zones with Milo

No more WiFi dead zones with Milo

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“DAAAAAD is the WiFi down?” I hear this sentence several times a day… No. The WiFi is not down but the WiFi signal simply doesn’t reach every corner of every room causing “dead zones”. In these dead zones, the signal is just too weak to carry the information to and from the device so the device disconnects from the network which results in “the internet is down” tantrums as videos start to buffer, and IM messages remain unsent. This issue is not limited to the home but is applicable to the workplace too. A weak WiFi signal does not just result in no YouTube, but productivity suffers too as basic activities grind to a halt and become very frustrating tasks.

The Solution is Milo!

Milo is a wifi networking system which has been designed to enhance the wifi network and provide coverage where the current setup cannot reach. Milo co-exists with the existing WiFi router and your existing network so there is no need to rip-and-replace perfectly good hardware that simply doesn’t reach sections of the property.

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Such Easy Setup 

Milo is simple to set up that anyone can do it without the need to wake up your in-house 10-year-old IT guru and that is the beauty of the system! At the heart of this simplicity is the Milo Home WiFi System App which is a step-by-step instruction guide holding your hand throughout the entire process which takes minutes to complete. The short version: Just plug in the Milo Base and additional Points, connect to it using the app, follow the prompts and just like that – no more dead zones! seriously check this out:


How does it work?

The core of the system is based on BaseLink and SmartSeek. BaseLink connects wirelessly to your existing system and SmartSeek keeps a watchful eye on your connection across multiple frequencies. The moment SmartSeek detects a weak or slow connection, it automatically reroutes the connection to the next best route without any interruption. This seamless switching is instant you don’t even notice that there was even a problem. It’s like driving down the freeway and your GPS automatically guides you around a traffic jam so you are never affected!

So in summary:

The need to be constantly connected AND being mobile is only increasing as our laptops, tablets, and cell phones continue to be our gateway to the world. We rely on the network to provide us access to movies, sports, news and even work/ homework resources too. With an excellent increase in speed, Milo ensures that we have a steady and strong connection in every part of the house and an end to the “DAAAAAD is the WiFi down?” tantrums.

Check out Milo Wifi for more info and grab yourself the 2-pack or the 3-pack asap!

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