The Huawei Discovery phone goes Wakeboarding !

Ryan take the Discovery phone for a flip

So what do you do when you have a phone that by design is meant for the outdoors and is water resistant ?

Naturally you take it outdoors and subject it to a rough water test.

Now this isn’t just a simple “I rinsed my phone under a tap” type of test as I did with my first review. This test was stepped up into the professional league.

I figured that the best people who be able to test the phone are people who spend their lives on the water. So I enlisted the help of Ryan Durham – serious Wakeboarder who is internationally ranked (check out his blog: and active on the pro circuit. I also roped in Kyle Durham who is not only Ryan’s brother but coach, boat driver & “the responsible one” (I thought I needed someone to keep control and not go overboard – literally)

The test was simple: “here is a Huawei Discovery phone – use it well, bring it back in one piece.

The results:

Ryan took it out for a couple of “flips” on his wakeboard and then used it at the European & African championship held at Emerald Casino on the Vaal Dam.

Both Kyle and Ryan loved it & the phone preformed beautifully. In the rain, in the Vaal River water, playing music, going for a swim in the club pool, taking photos of the actions and obviously making calls. The battery life was superb and even under heavy usage didn’t require constant charging. It certainly got the attention whenever it was used – especially in the rain when other people had to run for cover to make a call !

So in summary:

This isn’t a technical review, my aim was to see how the phone would behave under “extreme” conditions. I can conclusively say, it not only held up, but came out tops & still looks as good as the moment I opened the box !

If it can take that kind of abuse, I am sure it can withstand the occasional accidental  drop and a bit of water from the rain.

Check out the phone (and Ryan) in action:

Ryan Durham - serious airRyan DurhamRyan DurhamRyan DurhamHuawei Discovery phone in the pouch left out in the rainRyan showing the phone to a mateRain ?  who cares ?Huawei Discovery phone left on the grass in the rainRyan taking photo of the compRyan taking photo of the compCompetition setupKyle playing catch with the phoneRyan back in actionRyan back in action

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