College Scholarship Scams

BEWARE of these 10 Common College Scholarship Scams!

It’s that time of year again when scammers are actively looking for more victims. This time they are not trying to get your username and password nor but are targetting […]

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The 6 Best Constant Contact Alternatives To Check Out

Digital marketing is constantly evolving. It simply has to as our brains are wired to filter out “ads” as we are constantly bombarded with million-bits of information. Thankfully the marketing […]

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email do not do tips

10 Email Mistakes When Pitching Your Business To The Press

It happened again as it does every single year and it really needs to stop. Around the middle of November, the press emails start making their rounds to inboxes announcing […]

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Simple steps to create a professional Outlook or Gmail email signature

Each day there are 281 Billion emails floating around the web. The average office worker sends around 40 emails a day and receives 121 emails. So regardless if you are […]

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Fight Spammers with this AI BOT

Have you ever received any SPAM in your email? Of course you have. We all have. Every single day. Usually, we just mumble some curse words and hit the delete button […]

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10 Email Subject Line Mistakes You Are Making

I get emails. You get emails. We all get emails. mail is still the one app that we use every single day. Its the one single app that we regard […]

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Outlook has a duplicate and disappearing mail bug and how to fix it

  We are told to always update our software to prevent hackers and bugs from ruining our computer systems. Unfortunately, after the latest Microsoft Update for Office, a serious bug […]

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The Junk Email War…

Our lives revolved around email. Email for personal use and email for business. We constantly access our mail, ready to reply to customer queries or looking for that email confirming […]

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