future trends in 2018

6 new tech that ought to be get big in 2018

Weren’t we just celebrating New Years? How did we get to the end of January so quickly? The new year has gotten into full swing and following CES,  there’s plenty […]

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why I left CES irritated and frustrated

CES is seen as the roadmap of what we can expect from tech in the upcoming year which is why thousands of people attend the expo from across the globe […]

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CES 2018 what to expect

10 pro tips everyone attending CES 2018 should know – #CES2018

CES is coming up and the tech geeks have already begun their pilgrimage to Las Vegas ready to get a glimpse of the latest and the greatest that the tech […]

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Stylish Video Streaming ACE Glasses for Instagram, YouTube and Facebook to be unveiled at CES 2018

Remember when Snapchat released their wearable sunglasses? They were all the rage must-have tech-item and then they disappeared. If you are just visiting this planet or were off-the-grid (same thing), if […]

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5 themes out of CES 2015 where Tech-Goes-Wild and we ask WTF

Every year, I watch the announcements coming out from the  Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. Being the first major tech event of the year, it tend to set the […]

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Could this be the iWatch from Apple ?

Rumours. Speculations. When it comes to the alleged smart watch from Apple, that is all we have to go on. We have been hearing that Apple is about to enter […]

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Sensus transforms your iPhone case into a touchscreen

“What is the best size for a mobile phone ?” Ask this question and you will receive a different answer each time. We all like our phone for different reasons  […]

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4 changes for the Samsung Gear 2

There is no denying that the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2014 was all about wearable technology. A trend that I don’t particularly get  – why look at your wrist when […]

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