How to use the OTG dongle

What is the OTG dongle and how do you use it?

Look inside you the cell phone box that you got with your phone and you should find a little dongle. This is the On The Go dongle (OTG) and it […]

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9 Retro Games To Play On Your Smartphone by Jase Bennett

What do you do when you are stuck in a long queue or while waiting for the doc or while on a bus/ train/ plane? I like to play some […]

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A list of compatible Fortnite Android phones. Is my phone compatible?

How to get Fortnite for Android and a list of compatible Fortnite Android phones

Ever since Fortnite made its first appearance, gamers who fell in love with the game, have wanted a portable version of the game. This request was answered in the form of […]

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How to install Super Mario Run on your Android phone and everything else you need to know

  The exclusivity is over! iOS users have had 3 months of Mario time on their mobile devices but now the wait is over for Mario  Android fans. The 23rd of […]

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Warning to Android users – Do not download the Flash Security Update

Raise your hand (virtually) if your phone runs out of power half way through the day? *Liron raises his hand* Scrambling for a charger and a cable is now just […]

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4 ways to watch the Super Bowl for free and not on your TV

The Super Bowl will be watched this Sunday by over 110 million people where Broncos take on the Panthers to take the coveted bragging rights for the special 50th Super […]

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Could we see a BlackBerry Google phone ?

As a Tech Blogger, I comment on Technology. I look at what is happening in the market, what are the trends, who is doing what to whom and which company […]

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How to stop Apple from tracking your phone ?

Following the so-called big “EXPOSE” that Google is able to track your Android phone every time you use Google Maps, Apple has found itself in the same boat following a […]

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