Is your fridge spying on you ?

Is your fridge spying on you ?

Is your fridge spying on you ?

When it comes to tech security– we all know the rules:  never click on a link from someone you don’t know, don’t install software you aren’t sure about, don’t give anyone your banking PIN.

However, with the Internet of Things allowing more and more devices are going to be connected to the internet and the company’s network which is proving to be an irresistible attraction for hackers and a nightmare for IT Security Officers.

Hackers are now going after machines that are connected to your network and using those as a way to get in.

So whilst its fun to have an air conditioner that knows where you are on route home as it can read your phone’s calendar, if it is not secured, it means a hacker can use that air conditioner connectivity to get onto your WiFi  too. Your fridge can sense and scan every item that you take out of it which means that it will connect to the grocery store and order more milk when you run out. But whilst this is convenient, if the communication protocol is not secured not only ca the fridge connect to the grocery store, but the grocery store can connect back to your fridge. Using that it could connect to your WiFi too.

Everything needs to be secured. If its connected it needs to be secured.

At My World of Tomorrow conference, security is a theme that Jason Jordaan will be speaking on  – so we caught up with him to hear his views on cybercrime:

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