Is Facebook finally integrating into WhatsApp ?

Is Facebook finally integrating into WhatsApp ?

Facebook integrates into WhatsApp

Hot on the heels of WhatsApp introducing Voice Calls, there seems to be a new feature released by the Facebook, WhatsApp’s parent company: the ability to Share between Facebook and WhatsApp.

Facebook purchased WhatsApp for the sum of $19 billion and whilst promising that the two companies will operate independently, it seems that this is now the first bridge between the two entities.

According to Facebook Beta Testers, there is now a “SEND” button on the new Facebook App that allow users to send the Facebook status and news over to WhatsApp users. The Send icon is the same as the WhatsApp icon and this is just the first step of the integration. There are rumours that WhatsApp and Facebook integration might be extended to Facebook Messenger too. Perhaps allowing the merger of two messaging platform or at least being able to communicate with either set of contacts from one application.

How to get the Facebook WhatsApp Send button now ?

If you are not keen to wait for the official release of the Facebook app, you can sign up as a Beta Tester for Facebook’s Android app which essentially involved you joining a Google group for Facebook Android beta testers. You will then be issued the link to download the Beta version of the Facebook app from the Google Play Store.

The instructions can be found here – but do note that a BETA application means that it might come with bugs ranging from minor to major crashes. So download enter at your own risk (or just wait a bit until it becomes official)

Note: I downloaded the Beta Version of Facebook Android App and I don’t have the SEND button. It might be limited to a specific geographic region only at this stage.


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