iStore takes aim at Samsung Galaxy phone owners

iStore takes aim at Samsung Galaxy phone owners

Another shot has been fired in the Cell-Phone wars in South Africa, and this time it has come from the iStore . Today, iStore issued an offer with a cheeky title “Looking to UPGRADE your Samsung Galaxy smartphone contract?”  outlining a trade-in deal on a new iPhone 6. It is no coincidence that the trade-in offer was announced on the same day that the Samsung  Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge have become available in stores. Assuming that the aim of the deal is to make customers stop and question their decision to simply upgrade to the next Galaxy or consider an iPhone as their next smartphone.

The Samsung Trade-in offer

The iStore offer allows customer to bring in their old Samsung Galaxy phones to receive up to R3500 off the price of  a new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. Each phone will be evaluated for its condition and a money-back voucher will be issued. The amount will be deposited into the customer’s bank account within 14 days after purchase of the new device. The offer is valid for those renewing contracts and for those who want to buy the device outright with no contract but it is only valid against a purchase of a new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus –not against other Apple devices/ accessories/ tablets.

The trade-in on the Galaxy range is not only on applicable to the new Galaxy S5 but also extend back to the Galaxy S3 although as expected the older devices will be traded-in at a lower price tag of R1000 depending on their condition too.

No box, manuals, charger, or headset are required for the deal to be valid and traded-in device will be uses as a part of a responsible recycling programme.

First Time iPhone Users ?

For those who are not currently iPhone users or the thought of changing entire operating system might be daunting, the deal iStore is offering included extensive and free training. The iStore technical support will even setup your phone and transfer your data from your old device too.  More info on that is available here .

Everyone is Trading in

Whilst this tactic might be aggressive, it is not the first time that one rival brand has offered trade-in values on a rival’s phone. In fact Samsung did the exact same trade-in to BlackBerry back in 2013 :

All is fair in love and Cell-phone-wars…

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