Instagram quietly adds Save Draft facility

Instagram quietly adds Save Draft facility

While the big focus and attention has been directed at Instagram Stories, a little additional update seems to have snuck its way to some users and we didn’t even notice – Instagram Draft.

Instagram allows you to save any edited image as Draft

With this latest Instagram update, you can edit your image, add tags, captions, hashtags and even a location as you could in the past, however, now you can tap the  back arrow twice (on Android) and instead of losing your carefully drafted message and photo edits, Instagram will  ask you if you want to discard your image or save it as a Draft.

If you choose Save Draft, Instagram will save the edited image together with the additional information you already typed such as the caption, tags, location and even the social share to Facebook, Twitter etc. Now when you are ready to post, simply select the image marked as Draft in your gallery and then upload to Instagram with the information already pre-typed in.

Instagram quietly adds Save Draft facilityInstagram quietly adds Save Draft facilityInstagram quietly adds Save Draft facility

Why use Instagram Drafts ?

Drafts is an ideal solution to stop flooding your Instagram followers with your snaps while still being able to create the grams as you live in that “must-share-moment”. So instead of uploading 12 pics of your current dinner/ vacation/ coffee and flooding your followers, you can now create your gram-moment with all the usual euphoria of carefully editing your snaps and witty punny captions but then save them as drafts to be uploaded later during the week.

This feature could be useful for pre-planning content for the week or month which I am sure social media marketers, influencers, PR and brands would love. This could also be useful when attending events, launches, presentation, keynotes and wanting to upload pics but the WiFi is unusable and cell reception is non-existent.

How to get Instagram Drafts ?

This is a bit of a mystery as it is reported as being an Instagram experiment but does seem to be rolling out to more and more people. So keep those apps updated !

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