Everything you wanted to know about YouTube

Everything you wanted to know about YouTube

Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine?

It makes sense as more people are heading to YouTube to search for content that in the past would have been considered a typical “Google search”.  “How do I do <insert thing here>” or “Fix broken washing machine guide” or “where to add oil to my car” or “<product name> review” are examples of searches that we would rather watch in a form of a video and not have to read. Therefore YouTube is an ideal place to search for these answers.

There are over 3 billion searches  conducted per month on YouTube serving 1 billion unique monthly visitors which is not surprising as 1 out of  every 2  internet users are YouTube watchers!

When my YouTube Channel hit a million views, I started to be curious about how YouTube operates and how it manages to deal with this vast amount of information so that everyone who watches is able to see the content on their chosen device, with their variable internet connection, in their part of the world.

I found these videos from Nat and Lo where they do a fantastic job in explaining how everything YouTubey fits together. From what happens when you upload a video to when you watch it and it all fits together – they go through it all:


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