Huawei appoints iFix as the official Huawei South African repair partners

Huawei appoints iFix as the official Huawei South African repair partners

Huawei appoints iFix as the official Huawei South African repair partners

On 2nd of July Huawei launched their new flagship device in South Africa – the Huawei P8 (If you missed that event, check it out here).

One of the key messages that Huawei sent to the South African consumer, is that they stand behind their premium products. One way of proving this, was Huawei announcement of the Huawei Select warrantee. At no additional cost to the customer, all P8 owners, will be able to have peace of mind for 24 month where should they drop their phone in liquid or smash the screen on the Huawei P8, Huawei will replace it free of charge.

“servicing the customer” is Huawei’s key focus. This is something the Chris Chetty, Huawei’s Director Device Service, South East and Southern Africa, is proud of as Huawei seems to place a lot of emphasis on bringing Service to the core of the brand.

Therefore, Huawei has not farmed the Huawei Select repair to an outsourced partner but is absorbing the cost themselves. Huawei took this decision based on their long term analysis of phone data in South Africa and Africa which showed that Huawei failure rate is so low (and seems like responsible phone owners), that they can take on this “repair insurance” and absorb the cost for a better client experience.

But wait. There is more.

Huawei partners with iFix and expands their Call Centre too

Huawei has joined forces with iFix repair centres around South Africa who will now be their official repair agents. iFix are renowned for their quality workmanship as they repair only the top brands in the country. iFix centres are conveniently located around South Africa in major shopping malls so customers have easy access to the 13 iFix stores nationwide with a potential of a further 10 iFix stores being rolled out. iFix will also focus on Data Backup and stock the Huawei Accessories too.  This is a big change from Huawei’s current setup which has one repair centre to service the entire of South Africa.

Finally, Huawei support is just a phone call away – even if you live in other countries in East and Southern Africa. Currently the call centre covers Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria and South Africa and soon it will be taking on new countries such as Mauritius,  Botswana and other countries too. Even though the call centre is based in South Arica, Huawei customers will be able to call a local number in their respective countries and be able to speak to an operator in their own language.

All of these support avenues, together with Email, Social Media and Online Chat are all part of Huawei message to Africa – Huawei is here to stay.


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15 thoughts on “Huawei appoints iFix as the official Huawei South African repair partners

  1. After 2 months ogf trying to get hold of the contact centre,im told there is no warrantee on the P8 LITE! THANX FOR NOTHING HAUWEI SHIT

  2. My P8’s camera doesn’t focus anymore, it keeps telling me that I must keep my phone steady, even though it was steady. Can I bring it in to be fixed?

  3. I didn’t do anything to my phone.And it’s got a fastboot and rescue mode on. The call centre does not work, of course iFix can fix it but now they want to give me a quote. Thanks for nothing Huawei shit. I’ve had this phone (P8 Lite) for 4 months and then this…….. that’s even worse than a chinese chienese phone. If this costs me. I promise I will call Daryn at 94.7 and tell him that campaign they were doing in Joburg, they must stick it up their ass! robbing people.

  4. i need help track my phone cos ive sent it for repairs and its not back yet no phone calls no nothing

  5. I am thinking of going back to Samsung / Not possible to find sutiable people /shop / part to update the phone touch screen up to no good.

  6. Is the free screen repair available for p8 lite 2017 brand new have the phone only for five days and the screen is cracked

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