How to instantly sell your tech the EASY WAY!

How to instantly sell your tech the EASY WAY!

There are some amazing Black Friday Deals – I want the new DJI Drone Mini. However, it costs $399 so I have to decide how much I need it vs. how much I just want it. Then my wife said “Sell some of the tech you have laying around and from that, buy the drone” – she is right as always. We all have technology laying around that is just getting older and collecting dust, so how do you sell your tech? Maybe its time to get that Google Pixel 4 or the Pixelbook Go?

Turns out there is the easy way and the hard way – and each has pros and cons.

Sell your tech personally

There is no doubt, that you will get a better price for your tech if you sell it yourself. However, it comes with a catch – you have to deal with everything. You have to list your product, select a price someone might be willing to pay for it, write a compelling description, snap great pics and then deal with people haggling. Most will be time wasters, but then some will want to come over to examine the tech if they live locally to you.

Nothing wrong with this method, but you need to have the time and the patience to do it.

Some great places to sell tech yourself include Facebook Marketing Place, eBay, and Craigs List to name but a few. You could also tweet and post in Facebook groups and offer the items to your “community”.

Online Tech Buyers

What you may not realize is that they are many online tech systems that will buy tech from you.

The process is usually the same: You find your item in a list, and select the condition of the tech you want to sell. There are various categories to choose from such as: Item is like new, it is working, it is damaged but working, it won’t switch on. Based on the condition of the item, an offer is instantly made.

sell tech online - how it works

If you accept the price, you will be able to print out a shipping label. Use that to send the tech to them for inspection. You will also need to wipe your data off the device but don’t forget to remove the sim card and especially SD cards.

It is important to note that at this stage it is an offer. The sale is concluded when they receive your item, and confirm it is in the condition you described. If it is, they will finalize the offer for you to accept. You may choose not to accept at that point and they will send the item back. If you accept, money is paid into your account or a check is mailed to you.

The big pro of this method is that it is quick, you don’t have to deal with people inspecting the item and negotiating the price. The system is automated and you know upfront if you want to proceed or not.

The con of this method is that you usually will get a lower offer. After all, most of these sites sell the tech to someone else or refurbish it and sell it to the public. They have to make a profit somewhere.

What are some online tech buying sites to use?

If you do a quick Google search, you will find several sites that do it. Before handing over your tech to just some random website, Google that website’s name. If you see pages of complaints about how they stole people’s tech and didn’t pay for it, then choose another company.

Some of the better-known sites are as follows but note this is by no means an endorsement:



sell tech online - decluttr


sell tech online - gazelle


sell tech online - next worth


sell tech online - iwm


So in summary:

Finally, its worth mentioning that some places like Walmart have a kiosk, such as ecoATM, that allows you to sell your tech directly. Follow the instructions and you land up walking away with your device as the price wasn’t right, or the cash.

And one more thing: if you are selling camera equipment, check out B&H site for their awesome trade-in value and Best Buy for their trade-in option too.

Instead of filling up landfills, you now have the spare cash to buy the tech you actually want!


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