How to repair a corrupt video file

How to repair a corrupt video file

Note: this is a sponsored blog which occurred after my file corrupted incident. All opinions are 100% my own.

“No No No No No!!!!”

Hard to believe, but apparently, saying NO over and over again, does not fix a corrupt video file…

Yes, that is how my day started. I was on a tight deadline to deliver to a client an interview series that I filmed and while I was transferring a file from my camera to the computer, the camera switched off for some reason. That corrupted the file and now what do I do?

The file that I could not open contained critical information from that interview which could not be re-filmed as the client already flew back to her home city.

This was not good news.

As I was running through the “I am so sorry here is a full refund” scenario in my head, I realized that the corrupt video file was actually 302 Megabytes in size. This meant that there was information in there which just needed to be extracted somehow.

I combed Google search results looking for a tool that could do the job and after trying several which promised the world but failed, I found the Remo Reapi MOV video repair tool.

What is the Remo Repair MOV tool?

The Remo Repair MOV is a tool that allows you to repair a damaged, corrupt, or unplayable MOV or MP4 files. These file formats are typical file formats from used in cameras, video cameras, cell phones, and action cams.

A file can become corrupt for various reasons as ultimately a video is data which is being encoded by software on the camera and written to the SD card. Things go wrong with software. I recently shot some drone footage and it was so hot in Dallas, that the tablet shutdown midflight and the footage was lost.

How does Remo repair the file when so many others failed?

The reason Remo is different from the several other tools I tried is that Remo uses a “Healthy” file to understand the structure of my movie file. I assume it analyses the header, the data and then uses this information as a type of template to rebuild the corrupt files with that same healthy template structure.

Remo understands the file structure sources of the popular cameras and action cams such as Nikon, Canon, GoPro, Samsung, Kodak, Panasonic, Olympus, Fujifilm, Casio, and Contour.

How to use Remo to recover a corrupt MOV file?

Simplicity at its best. When you launch the Remo app, there are only two tasks you need to do:

The first is to point the app to a Healthy movie file on your computer. Any file will do.

The second is to point the app to the corrupt file and hit the Repair button and watch as Remo does it magic…

I am glad to report, that my interview file was recovered successfully, and I was able to deliver to the client. Having the app literally meant the difference between a refund to the client and getting paid for the job. I am glad it is part of my armory of tools now.

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  1. Once I had a severely corrupted files. When no other software worked, Stellar worked for me. I am just sharing this fact as an experience. The free repair tools can be easily available, but they are just not worth it. They may contain some type of virus or malware also.

  2. You are right – I worry about using a third party app that has full access to my system. That’s why I use a reputable company and ensure my anti-virus scans the software first before I use it.

  3. I second that! Stellar worked for me too. Though I never tried Remo but after trying so many junk tools, what impressed me about stellar, is that I could repair the badly damaged ones with the same video quality by just giving a sample file

  4. You might also try MP4Fix available on Google Play Store if your phone video is broken. It’s simple, economical and reliable solution.

  5. Hi how about MTS videos? Can those be fixed? I have 78 small MTS videos recorded by a sony handycam onto an sd card. The camera cannot play any of them. When I try to play through the camera I get a “data error” message. When I put the card in the PC, same problem…..will not play. I can see that each file size is different..and I can see the date/time videos were made. How can I correct the problem so videos will play?

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