How to reduce Data usage on WhatsApp calls

How to reduce Data usage on WhatsApp calls

One of the must-have apps is a good instant messaging app and WhatsApp seems to be the one of choice for most of us. A feature that WhatsApp introduced was the ability to make voice calls to other WhatsApp users and whilst this was received with great enthusiasm the actual experience with WhatsApp calls is somewhat mixed.

The feature seems to work well if both parties are in a good WiFi zones however if either person is on a mobile network then the quality varies.  Adding to the complexity of the experience is knowing that when making Voice calls via the app, both parties pay for the call as both parties consume their data. This can be expensive especially when using mobile data! (read more about what you should know about WhatsApp calls)

WhatsApp has recognized that the data cost is a prohibiting factor and in their latest update of WhatsApp (version 2.12.250 on Android), they have introduced the Low Data Usage option.

In my tests, on average, this feature saves around 300kb of data over a 1 min phone call without degrading the quality of the call. So this isn’t “massive saving” but every bit (any byte) adds up…

How to reduce Data usage on WhatsApp calls?

To enable this, tap on Settings inside WhatsApp, select Chats and Calls and then tick the Low Data Usage.

How to reduce Data usage on WhatsApp calls ?How to reduce Data usage on WhatsApp calls ?

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