Get your FREE cell phone number with UNLIMITED calls and text!

Get your FREE cell phone number with UNLIMITED calls and text!

I have the pleasure of working with TextNow and as always, all opinions are 100% my own.

Odds are pretty good that right now you have your cell phone with you. In fact, in 2020, I would assume that most people in your family have their own cell phone. While this is the new norm, it comes at a price: a hefty cell phone bill. TextNow is disrupting everything with a Free Unlimited Nationwide Talk and Text service.

While monthly cell phone bills prices varies from provider to provider and by the add-ons you have on your account, on average, the cost is around $40 per line. Therefore, for a family of 4, you are paying around $160 per month. That isn’t cheap.

The people at TextNow agree and have designed a system that allows you to get your own cell number for FREE.

This is a fully functioning cell phone number where you can make and receive unlimited calls, send unlimited Text messages, all after you download the FREE app on either Android or iOS

So what is TextNow?

TextNow is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) app available for both Android or iOS. The app uses your WiFi to connect to their cloud so you can use your phone to make and receive calls.

What happens when you leave the WiFi?  TextNow still works!

Your phone hops onto the Sprint cellular network so you are now never disconnected.

How do you get your Free cell phone number with TextNow?


You can use your own existing phone, as long as it is unlocked, and just buy the SIM card from TextNow. Alternatively, you can buy a phone from TextNow’s website.

Next, download the app (Android or iOS) and create an account. You now have your cell phone number which you can give anyone. Note: they do not need to be a TextNow user to call you. Again, this is a real cell number.

You will then want to connect your phone to the Sprint network so you can use the phone anywhere. In order to do so, first, check that your phone is CDMA compatible and you can check out if it is with this link. If it has a SIM card already, you are ready to be connected. If not, you simply pay $9.99 – ONCE OFF. and TextNow will send you the SIM Activation Kit which you insert that into your phone.

And just like that no more cell phone bills after that!

What about Data?

TextNow-ads When you are out and about and want to use social media and check email, you will need a Data Add-On. To get Data, you just buy a 2GB Add-On at $19.99 or an Unlimited Add-On at $39.99 – all within the app and takes seconds to do.

Your data will be at Sprint’s LTE speed and should you exceed your Data Add-On, it will be connected at 2G speed. This is fine for things like email and sending out that urgent tweet.

Finally, you will note that there are ads on the screen when you make calls and ads inside the app. If you want to remove those, you can upgrade to the ad-free service at $9.99 per month.


What is the contract and lock-in period for TextNow?

There is none. There is no contract, you may cancel at any time without any penalties.

So in summary:

I love having options and TextNow gives you options. You might want to add a second number that will be used for your business but only want to carry one device – TextNow is perfect for that.  You might have little kids who need a phone for emergencies and TextNow gives you an affordable option for your peace of mind.

So if you are tired of spending a lot of money on your cell phone bill and want a solution that you can customize, without being locked into a 12-month contract, then I highly recommend installing TextNow.

Download it here for Android or for iOS and you have connectivity at ZERO cost – and there is no better price than that!

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