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There are over two million great, and not so great, apps available to smartphone users nowadays. If you’re in the market for some superior apps this year, look no further–we’ve narrowed down the favourites for you and found the apps that promise to make you more efficient and punctual, and might just be a bit of fun.

Mobile devices are a massive part of the productivity movement and we all intend to work smarter not harder. At the heart of a great efficiency app is the solution to a very precise problem–everyone hopes to waste less time. :

First out the starting gate is, an app that helps you get things done. It’s a collaborative or personal task management app for iOS, Android, and Chrome. The Moment, however, sets it apart from other apps of the like. Moment nudges users into making a habit of reviewing daily tasks first thing in the morning. So no more being caught off guard by meetings or forgotten tasks. For instance, your note to look into which of your possessions you should insure will not be overlooked.

link: :

Productivity often suffers thanks to inadequately managed meetings. can help with that and guides toward more efficient meeting practices while also providing a central place for archives, follow-ups, and more.



Need a contact manager? Brewster might just be the answer. It looks into all the places you might have stored contact information and collates it all in one place, merging duplicates along the way. It’s a time saver for all your networking needs.


Opera Max & Onavo Extend:

On a different note, mobile Internet usage can get costly. The question: how do you keep your bill at its lowest while out and about, but without compromising on data? Opera Max for Android and Onavo Extend for iPhone are the must-have apps that do exactly that–compress your data. These apps use compression technology and virtual private networks (VPNs) to ensure that data usage is reduced. Saving data is a must.



Motorists on South African roads are notoriously bad drivers – a third aren’t even insured. This exceptionally high rate of road accidents costs the economy more than R300 billion per annum. Perhaps effectiveness could be applied to the road. An idea here would be to make use of GPS or a navigation app. A local favourite and obvious must-have, because it’s free, is Waze, which offers turn-by-turn voice navigation, automatic re-routing and the option to inform those you’re meeting, for example, of your estimated time of arrival (ETA). It cleverly implements community-driven features, and encourages users’ input so that information on accidents, police presence, and traffic jams is available to all using the app at the time.



You haven’t lived if you haven’t reddit and there are countless reddit apps available to smartphone users. If you spend hours staring at the screen, however, you probably need something a bit more user friendly and pleasing on the eye. Enter reddit sync. It’s a magazine-like layout and, once you’ve logged in, you’re easily able to comment, upvote, downvote, hide, share, submit and reply to posts. Unfortunately, sync is only available to Android users.


Imgur :

But fear not, for there is also Imgur (pronounced “image-err”). Imgur might be last on our list but has proven itself the supreme way to waste an afternoon. Swipe through an infinite number of GIFs, stories, science facts, animal pics and so much more. It’s a definite mood lifter.


*Written in collaboration with Dialdirect.

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