5 observations every business should know from EMC World 2016

5 observations every business should know from EMC World 2016

EMC World is EMC’s annual convention where over 10000 partners, clients, media and industry experts gather to learn about what EMC has to offer. This year’s conference was an exceptionally emotional one as current EMC CEO Joe Tucci receives a standing ovation as he hands over the baton to Michael Dell, Dell’s CEO pending the final stages of the $67 Billion acquisition of EMC.

The conference was packed with info. Channel partners and customers alike were delighted to hear the new announcements and products that EMC had to offer as techies were glued to monitors around the convention learning about the latest solutions that would change the storage and cloud landscape.

So who is EMC and what do they have on offer, check this out before heading into the observations:

5 observations every business should know from EMC World 2016:

1. Dell & EMC:

Joe Tucci and Michael Dell seemed genuinely excited to be working together and this is critical for the future of the company. Post the big on-stage announcement of the new company name, Dell Technologies, we had a small media session with the two CEOs where they both answered Media questions.  Both CEOs seem to be on the same-page outlining a bright future for both EMC and Dell explaining how they see the future evolving into hardware, storage, cloud, connectivity and services and therefore by combining the two entities, they become a global force for their customers.

Michael Dell is “all in” with this purchase. He has positioned Dell as the power company to provide high grade storage with reliability to enterprises knowing that data mining and processing is going to be even more fundamental to business of the future.

5 observations every business should know from EMC World 2016

2. Upgrade Time:

5 observations every business should know from EMC World 2016

Every year the conference has a theme, and this year’s theme was “Modernize”.  EMC message was clear: you can not expect to build tomorrow’s solutions with yesterday’s technology. Enterprise have spent money over time upgrading components of their servers in the data center, however everything has a limit. There is only so-much upgrading and patching that can be done and so its time now to make an investment in the technology that will see the company into the next cycle.

“Year of All-Flash” is the EMC motto for 2016. In the olden-days there was no Flash storage so traditional HDD were used. However with Flash storage, you get the speed and reliability which is what all corporates crave. This is available now with EMC either in an all Flash solution or a hybrid HDD and Flash combination.  EMC’s vision is that HDD should be for archive and cold-storage of info.

3. Choose a Tech:

EMC technology spans across the Enterprise and so they divide their technology into sections based on function. Tech department choose based on their needs: traditional or cloud where they scale up apps, redistribute storage, build resilience into systems and remote nodes. However, as the technology evolves, the lines between these are not so clear as apps, storage and systems move towards the hybrid cloud and convergence.

5 observations every business should know from the EMC World 2016

4. Up in the Cloud:

Now that CIO’s have bought into the the maturity of the cloud and are trusting its reliability and security, EMC has continued to embrace it with their cloud-native combination of solutions such as ScaleIS, Isilon, ECS, DSSD and Nitro.

EMC has also recognized that developers need to build cloud-native apps which will help push organization into the cloud and therefore have announced the Native Hybrid Cloud platform which allow developers to build these cloud-native apps. Smart move.

5. Unity is awesomeness:

Unity is the game-changer. EMC dominates at the top of the Enterprise hardware and is now focusing on taking control of the mid market. The Unity system unveiled at EMC World will do exactly that. It has the aggressive price, hardware and simplicity that this level of the market is looking for. In fact, I commented to several executives that Unity is almost too good so there will be no reason to ever switch it out.

“That’s a good problem to have” they all seem to agree with a smile.

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