What you need to know about Acer new range of business and gaming computers

What you need to know about Acer new range of business and gaming computers

“The PC era is dead!”

I must have heard this statement hundreds of time at various events and conferences around the world and yet, desktop computers and laptops are very much still around. Having the ability to send some emails from your phone is great but “real work” is done in front of a laptops or desktop  – especially with power hungry applications such as CAD drawing, gaming, graphic and video editing  which not only require serious computing power but also the convenience of the large screen, keyboard and mouse. So the PC era is not dead. In fact, Acer has managed to combine our need to be mobile and our need to have serious power with Acer new range of business and gaming computers recently revealed at the Global Press Event in New York, USA.

Among several devices launched which included new mobile phone, a tablet services specifically aimed at the older generation and a cycling computer, the devices that caught my eye were the two aimed at the mobile business user and the two devices aimed at the gamers.

The Gaming End

New to Acer’s powerful and award-winning Predator gaming line include the Predator 17 X notebook and Predator G1 desktop. These gaming PCs are ready for virtual reality (VR) devices from four major vendors: Oculus, HTC Vive, OSVR and StarVR. Exciting innovations such as a custom triple-fan cooling system that enables astonishing performance from desktop-grade components in the Predator 17 X allow gamers to enjoy industry-leading performance in portable gaming machines.

Jason Chen, corporate president and CEO of Acer stated that “Acer’s Predator gaming line has received highly positive reviews from gaming experts all over the world.  And we are on track with a bright start with our gaming desktop growth rate more than tripling the industry average year-on-year in the first two months of this year for shipments.”


The Business End

The Switch Alpha 12 enhances Acer’s popular 2-in-1 series giving the user the choice and flexibility of how they wish to use the equipment – as a laptop or a s a tablet.  The ultra-slim S series offers the best fusion of performance and build at a highly desirable price with the Aspire S 13

These systems have no internal fans to keep them cool, but instead use Acer’s propriety LiquidLoop cooling system which makes them not only silent but stable no matter how hard the work.


Disclaimer: I was invited as part of the Media group to attend the  Global Press Event in New York by Acer.

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