What Makes One Antivirus Software Better Than the Other?

What Makes One Antivirus Software Better Than the Other?

We all know the importance of enhancing your computer’s default defenses with antivirus software; especially at a time when more people are working from home on their computers while cybercriminals are having a field day.

You also know that you have dozens of choices as far as antivirus software is concerned so how do you choose? What makes one better than the other?

Here are some characteristics that differentiate the best from the rest:

Doesn’t Burden Your System

You’re downloading antivirus software to enhance your system’s performance, so why would you download a program that overloads your system? The best cybersecurity tools should use fewer CPU resources. In fact, the right program should function well on an older system, even if it uses Windows 7 and sports an 800MHz CPU.

The Best Antivirus Software Scans Fast

Remember when antivirus software would take thirty minutes to scan your computer and even longer to clean it? Well, modern cybersecurity tools respect your time. Your new software should scan your PC in just a few minutes for your peace of mind and convenience.


Never trust antivirus software that looks unnecessarily complex to use. You don’t know what it’s trying to get away with under that convoluted shell.

The best program makes it easy to schedule scans, modify protection layers, or choose from scanning options.

The Best Antivirus Software Doesn’t Rest

Modern malware can be incredibly sophisticated. For example, some malicious software only activates in the middle of the night when you’re asleep to avoid getting caught. Here, it scans your files and folders for confidential information and sends it to cybercriminals. Likewise, some computer viruses only begin their reign of chaos when you least suspect it.

To protect yourself from sneaky malware, you need advanced antivirus software that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to offer you real-time protection. This way, you’re safe from emerging threats at all hours of the day.

Sophisticated Technology

Decades ago, the most significant threats on the Internet were computer viruses and worms. Although both viruses and worms wreak havoc by rapidly deleting or corrupting your critical files and folders, they spread differently — a computer virus usually spreads through file-sharing via discs or USB flash drives, while a worm spreads through a network infection.

Although computer viruses and worms can be remediated with signature-based technology, modern malware threats require more sophisticated means. For example, Malwarebytes antivirus software uses heuristic analysis technology to remediate all kinds of malware by scrutinizing a potential threat’s overall structure, programming logic, and data.

Not only is heuristics technology more useful in catching the thousands of new malware threats discovered every day, but it usually detects malware in files and boot records before the unwanted program has a chance to run and infect your computer. In other words, advanced antivirus software that uses heuristic analysis technology is proactive rather than reactive.

Aside from computer viruses and worms, here are some other malware threats that advanced antivirus software can consistently detect:

  • Adware: Although this type of malware is more annoying than dangerous, it can ruin your day by blasting your computer screen with ads, redirecting your browser, taking over your home page, installing unsightly toolbars, slowing down your PC, or crashing your computer. Adware also slows down your Internet connection because it uses your bandwidth to send your data to marketers.
  • Spyware: While this malware seems similar to adware, it’s far more dangerous. Spyware sits quietly in your computer and records your confidential information for others in order to help them commit cybercrimes.
  • Stalkerware: A subset of spyware, stalkerware is a more sinister malware that’s used by ex-partners, jealous lovers, predators, and other stalkers to monitor you quietly. Stalkerware can use your webcam to watch you or your IP address or GPS to track your location, sometimes with tragic consequences.
  • Trojan Horse Attacks: A Trojan horse is more of a delivery system rather than malicious software. A malware that uses a Trojan horse delivery system masks itself as friendly or useful software to get past your defenses. Thankfully, the right cybersecurity tools can recognize such attacks before they do damage.
  • Phishing: Like a Trojan horse attack, a phishing attack is a delivery system rather than malicious software. A phishing attack tries to trick you into handing over your sensitive information through a fraudulent email or message that’s designed to look legitimate. Spear phishing attacks are even more dangerous as they’re tailor-made for you. Fortunately, good antivirus software can protect you from most phishing expeditions.
  • Ransomware: Just like the name suggests, ransomware blocks access to your computer until you pay a ransom to a cybercriminal. Usually, you pay a ransom through a link on your screen via bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. While many types of ransomware attacks end after the first payment, others demand several more installments. Once you’ve given in to ransomware, you will probably be targeted again by a cybercriminal team.

Online Protection

Thanks to the changing landscape of digital threats, top cybersecurity experts offer online protection with their antivirus programs. The right software should block online scams, infected sites, malicious links, phishing scams, and more to keep your computer safe from the most elaborate attacks.

Doesn’t Spy on You

How can you trust an antivirus program that spies on you and sends your data to third parties? According to a joint investigation by technology critics, one of the world’s leading antivirus software harvests your data to sell to others. Not only does this affect your computer’s performance, but it’s a severe breach of trust and privacy.

Only download a cybersecurity program that avoids shady tactics to generate revenue. When you find dependable antivirus software that’s light, scans fast, offers 24/7 protection, and uses cutting-edge technology to crush all malware threats, consider supporting it. After all, you can’t put a price on your security and privacy.

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