What are the rates of the new mobile provider coming to South Africa in May ?

What are the rates of the new mobile provider coming to South Africa in May ?

meandyoumobile What are the rates of the new mobile provider coming to South Africa in May ?

A new mobile player launches in South Africa on the 4th of May 2015 offering yet more options to the South African consumer.

me&you mobile  will offer the South African consumers an option to purchase a SIM card with both voice and data which will be delivered via a courier. The entire company is based online and it the first of its kind in South Africa where everything is done via the website. From signing up, to RICA , to having the SIM delivered – all is “self-service”.  Customers will receive a 062 mobile number and will be able to use service that we have become accustomed to such as making and receiving phone calls, SMS, MMS, Voicemail and Data.

me&you mobile is an MVNO which means that they are not going to dig up your roads to lay cables nor will they erect towers in your school for their dishes. An MVNO company is a fully fledge cellular network provider that simply uses another cellular provider’s infrastructure. In this case me&you mobile will use Cell C infrastructure to provide their service.

As the company doesn’t have infrastructure cost nor retail store costs, they are able to offer their cellular services at cheaper prices than current networks can.

It sounds too good to be true, so I met with Brett Howell, CEO of me&you mobile to chat about the offering:

What are the me&you mobile rates ?

In-bundle voice rates:

  • R50 package: 69c\min
  • R100 package: 69c\min
  • R200 package: 59c\min
  • R300 package: 0c\min (Free calls)
  • R400 package: 49c\min
  • R500 package: 39c\min

Out of bundle rates are the same across all packages:

  • Voice: 79c\min
  • SMS: 60c\SMS
  • MMS: 70c\MMS
  • Data: 99c\MB

Data packages include:

  • 100MB package: R25
  • 200MB package: R50
  • 300MB package: R75
  • 500MB package: R125
  • 1GB package: R149
  • 2GB package: R300
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