Why is Visa Checkout the answer to all last-minute shopping woes

Why is Visa Checkout the answer to all last-minute shopping woes

NOTE: I am told that absolutely no husbands, kids or cats were hurt during these events. Tiana Cline reports:

When you’re a working mom, you try – and try hard – to outlive the stereotypes. You get up early before the kids to go to the gym. You come home early in the afternoons to just spend quality time with your growing family. Life is definitely coming out on top in the work vs. life race.

In reality, I was vomited on this morning after I got ready for work. And the thought of taking two toddlers to the shops absolutely terrifies me. It’s the little moments, like last Sunday when we needed to draw money on the way out of the mall to pay the babysitter, and my toddler started screaming in the parking lot: “Money! We have so much money!”.

When you’re a working mom, you’re constantly trying to cram an eight-hour day into four. Your afternoons are swamped with watching your child at swimming – mostly crying that they don’t want to get in the pool – which leaves little time for everyday necessities like, well, shopping.

I mostly shop online these days and mostly at very unusual hours (which often leads to me forgetting what I’ve bought and when it’s going to arrive).

Picture the situation: my husband is sleeping, the lights are off, it’s 2AM, my foot is numb because my cat has passed out on the end of my bed and I’ve suddenly realised that I am short on baking ingredients. Yuppiechef to the rescue!

Wilton chocolate drops? Check. Replacing that broken whisk? Easy. While I’m online, I’m also going to add a quick housewarming gift for a friend who’s a big fan of Zana. Payment time. Wait – where is my credit card? I start looking for my handbag in the dark. I trip over the cat who now thinks 2-30AM is a superb time for breakfast. I step on Duplo, trying not to cry. Husband stirs. Oh no! My handbag is in my boot. Everything is locked up. Are my car keys in my handbag in my car? ** cries **

Surely there must be an easier way of doing this?!

And then, I remember Visa Checkout and breathe a sigh of relief. Simple. No more midnight scrambling. Payment complete. No card details to fill in. No extra steps. I’m already drowning in online passwords here people, the last thing I can remember is a credit card number and not in the middle of the night! PayPal is awesome for overseas purchases, but Visa Checkout is the answer to all my last-minute shopping woes. No more accidental buys from weird, untrusted sites trying to sell fake makeup or outfits that won’t even fit my cat they’re so tiny…

Online shopping is fun but paying isn’t. Next step? Buying that doormat which says: “Please hide my packages from my husband.”


Tiana ClineTiana Cline is a freelance content writer and editor with a penchant for violent video games and interesting gadgets. She’s passionate about being a woman in technology in the fast-paced age of information… but also a mom of three, the first being feline.

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