Amazon Prime Gamers get these Twitch Prime benefits!

Amazon Prime Gamers get these Twitch Prime benefits!

Gamers who are Amazon Prime members are in for a treat with the benefits that Twitch integration has to offer!  In-game loot, starter packs to get you up-to-speed with other experienced players, and even free full-length games.

It’s not just in-game items that Twitch Prime offers, but other benefits for the Twitch Streaming experience itself — we will take a look at the best ones in this article. To claim all the benefits of Twitch Prime, head to their website at to discover the current offers that they have available.

Note: If you haven’t signed in yet, click the Sign-in button located in the top-right of the website. Once you’re signed in, you will be redirected to the main Twitch Prime page where all the current free games and deals on offer are displayed.

Let’s take a close look at each section:

Twitch Prime In-Game Loot and More

The main advantage of the integration of Twitch for Amazon Prime members is the ability to claim free in-game items for a wide variety of games; whether it’s extra potions for help in defeating a boss or flashy character skins in Destiny 2, Twitch Prime members can have extra items that non-members can’t have.

To access these items, click the corresponding button for each game that will either lead to a separate page listing detailed instructions on how to claim the offer or will directly display a code that you can enter for the game.

There are different variations on these buttons, and it can be a little confusing at first but here is what they generally mean.

  • Learn more” or “New Content” – If an offer has a button with these names, it will lead to a separate page with further instructions on how to claim the in-game items.
  • Claim” – Clicking an offer with the Claim button will make a small link that says View instructions appear right next to it — clicking this link will display a window with instructions on how to claim the offer.
  • Get code” – An offer with a button that says Get code will display a certain code that needs to be entered to access the in-game items. Aside from the code being displayed, a link that says View instructions will appear at the bottom which states where to enter the code.

further instructions Amazon Twitch Prime - thetechieguy

Twitch Amazon Prime further instructions starter pack

Starter Packs

Starter packs are beneficial for games that already have an existing player-base. These packs allow you to quickly catch up to other players. 

Items in a starter pack may include items that usually require hours of game-play before they are unlocked. But with the starter pack, you get these items immediately.

Claiming a starter pack is similar to accessing in-game loot. Click a button for the particular starter pack. You will see further instructions displayed on how to claim it.

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Free Games with Prime

This is by far the best benefit of having a Twitch Prime membership. You get to own full-length games for free!

With a regular rotation of games offered — from classic games like The King of Fighters 2002 and modern indie titles like Dear Esther — there are a plethora of new games to discover and enjoy. 

Here’s how to claim and download games from Twitch Prime:

  1. In the subsection in the Twitch Prime main page labeled “Games with Prime“, click the Claim button for a game you want to download. 
  2. Download the Amazon Games Desktop app
  3. Install the Amazon Games app
  4. Sign in with your Amazon account
  5. Once signed in, you will see the game that you have claimed will now have an Install button. Click the Install button to download the game to your computer.
  6. To download other games, simply click the Claim button in the Amazon Games app and repeat step 5

free games in Amazon Twitch Prime

Bonus Feature: One Free Twitch Prime Subscription Per Month

For Twitch Prime members who regularly watch Twitch Streamers like CohhCarnage, xQc, Pokimane, and others, being a Twitch Prime member allows one Twitch Prime subscription per month to your streamer of choice. This is a great way to support streamers by paying a monthly fee. Being a subscriber to a particular channel unlocks extra features like emotes, subscriber-mode chats, and more! 

Get started now with this guide: how to connect your Amazon Prime account with Twitch Prime!

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