This is what happens when you play with your phone while driving

This is what happens when you play with your phone while driving

We all know that texting and driving is a bad idea. We know it and yet we continue to do it. We seem to be married to our phones and instinctively react as soon as they beep indicating a new message has arrived.

I recently discovered just how distracted we are whilst driving by strapping a camera to myself and preforming a couple of basic tasks  – here are the results of that horrific experiment:

So how do we get the message to leave the tech alone ?

The New Zealand’s Transport Agency has the right idea when they launched their series of ads to get us to focus while driving. However, instead of delivering stats about road fatalities and hazards and safety, they cleverly commissioned these types of ads which resonate with each and every person.

In the first ad they show how a simple mistake and lack of focus has devastating consequences.:

this ad has received over 11 million views on YouTube and there is no telling how many people who saw this, maybe slowed down, even just a bit.

This is their latest ad aimed at laying off our tech in the cars and it is brilliant. Without any spoilers, the message behind this ad is that the driver should really care more about his/ her passenger rather than whoever has just sent a message to their mobile phone:

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