The levitating Bluetooth speaker is uber geek cool

The levitating Bluetooth speaker is uber geek cool

We have come a long way since the days we used to listen to the old AM/FM radio that sat in our grandparents’ lounge. Now, our music is just a tap away on our mobile devices. While today’s sound quality is superb and the accessibility to the latest tracks has never been simpler, the problem comes when it’s time to share our music with friends. Let’s face it, the tiny speaker crammed into our cell phone or tablet is far from ideal. Sound is directional – so unless everyone is directly in front of the device, the sounds quality becomes…well…rubbish.

I am assuming that someone at The Apollo Box must have faced the same issue and decided to do something about it. In fact, they took their solution to the extreme when they discovered the Levitating Bluetooth Speaker.

I had the chance to review this device and as soon as I posted an Instagram video, the comments started flying in asking, “Is this real?!” Let me start by assuring you that yes, the speaker does levitate. It floats. In the air! There are no strings, no gimmicks, no magic style mirror or illusions – the speaker actually LEVITATES.

Epic Bluetooth levitating speaker

Why is this important? Well, IT LEVITATES – how uber cool and futuristic looking is that?! But, there is also a functional reason: the rotating, floating orb generates such incredible sound that your music is clearly audible from anywhere in the room. With the speaker being suspended in mid-air, a 3D surround sound effect is somehow generated.

Setting up the system is simple too!

You have the choice to either pair your mobile device with the orb via Bluetooth, or to simply tap the NFC on top of the device with your NFC-enabled phone. That’s it. Once the devices are paired, just plug the speaker in, turn on the orb and position it in the middle of the base. There are some guiding lights to let you know when the orb is in the correct position – and once it is, carefully let it go. It will hover!  Once you get over the “wow” factor, hit play and be amazed as you control the music from your mobile phone or tablet.


Officially, there is a 10 meter (32 feet) distance between the device and the orb – however, I managed to get 13 meters (42 feet) before it started to lose the connection. There is also a micro-USB port on the base station, so you can leave your device plugged in to charge while blasting your tunes. When you walk into my kitchen, you now see this little guy floating…

Epic Bluetooth levitating speakerEpic Bluetooth levitating speakerEpic Bluetooth levitating speakerEpic Bluetooth levitating speaker

The Levitating Bluetooth Speaker is available for $149.99 on the Apollo Box website, where you will also find some other cool gadgets from around the world! All Apollo Box products can be purchased online and shipped for free (they have exclusive member-only discounts, too!).

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