BTS missing views

BTS smashes 3 Guinness World Records and the mystery of the 100 million missing YouTube views

Why is BTS such a big deal now? If you are asking this, then you must have missed the explosion in KPOP’s popularity and how it is sweeping the globe! […]

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Who is Blackpink who smashed the record for the fastest YouTube video to reach 100 million views?

My first introduction to KPOP was to BTS a couple of years ago.  Since then the entire family has been jamming to NCT127, EXO, GOT7, SEVENTEEN, STRAY KIDS and of […]

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Why are the xFyro xS2 Wireless Earbuds a real alternative for the AirPods

They are everywhere. Take a quick look around any shopping mall or Starbucks and you will spot them.  They are amongst us. Just look at their ears and you will […]

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Who is BTS and what every parent should know about the Love Yourself BTS Worldwide tour

[Note to BTS Army:  if you know who BTS is, then this article is not for you. It’s for PARENTS with kids who will want to attend the tour and […]

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Tribit XFree Color Wireless Earphones

Review: Tribit XFree Color Wireless Earphones

Bluetooth headphones are everywhere thanks to cell phone manufacturers who for some reason, decided that the headphone jack is no longer required. I was sent the Tribit XFree Color Wireless […]

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How to get a barcode for your music album ?

South Africa has a blossoming music industry with very unique African style of music which is loved all over the world. There are many artists who have taken their music […]

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The levitating Bluetooth speaker is uber geek cool

We have come a long way since the days we used to listen to the old AM/FM radio that sat in our grandparents’ lounge. Now, our music is just a […]

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Zero gravity music video releases on Facebook only and not on YouTube

With so much competition in the music world, artist try new stunts to rise above the clutter by thinking way outside the traditional box. There are surprise single releases which […]

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