Who is BTS and what every parent should know about the Love Yourself BTS Worldwide tour

Who is BTS and what every parent should know about the Love Yourself BTS Worldwide tour

[Note to BTS Army:  if you know who BTS is, then this article is not for you. It’s for PARENTS with kids who will want to attend the tour and have to explain to their parents who BTS are. We know that BTS fans span all ages, across all nationalities, religion, genders….]

“BTS is coming” is now being chanted repeatedly by fans around the world. If your first reaction is “what is BTS?” then you have come to the right place just know that you are going to be shelling out some cash soon for a music event – I know I am going with my kids to the Fort Worth event in September (if we manage to grab some tickets that is!)

If you are not sure what BTS is, who they are, and why your kids have lost the plot, and why your friends have too, then here is what you every parent needs to know about BTS and their upcoming Love Yourself Worldwide tour:

Who is BTS?

BTS is not your typical boy band. But for those who need some reference, remember boy bands? They were usually a handful of good looking guys who could sing and dance and they wowed the world with Beatles-like teenage obsession. New Kids on the Block, Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, Westlife, Take That, Backstreet Boys, One Direction to name but a few. They were big for a while but have largely disappeared.

BTS has filled that gap and even more with their inspirational stories and positive message to people of all ages, genders and nationalities. BTS is not “just for kids” but is for everyone – no matter your age. I am told that over 63% of BTS fans are adults.

BTS is made up of seven members whose stage names are Jin, J-Hope, RM, Suga, V, Jimin and Jungkook. Their music is known as K-pop and is a mix of Korean and English and this is a non-issue for fans around the world known as the BTS Army.

BTS Twitter Army

And the BTS Army is strong with over with chapters around the world. According to US Today, in 2017, Twitter revealed that BTS was not only the most tweeted-about artist in the U.S., but the most tweeted-about celebrity on the planet this year.

The main BTS Twitter account has 14 million followers and each individual member has millions of followers on various platforms. And they know exactly how to engage with their fans. BTS members often take to social media to update fan about their lives and what they get up to “behind the scenes”. And the BTS Army loves it.

At a touch of button, the BTS Army is mobilized to trend BTS around the world and it clearly works:

BTS uses YouTube for the win

Thanks to their loyal fans, popularity, and deep meaningful tracks, BTS has three music videos on YouTube that have over 300 million views EACH. Dope has shot pass the 300 million views on April 29 joining DNA which has 354 million views  and Fire. Which has 330 million views.

BTS Army is also armed with a lists of chants which are chanted at every concert and they know all the dance steps which allow their fans to get even more invested.

Love Yourself Twitter Announcement

On April 26th BTS announced their upcoming Love Yourself world tour in a Tweet and BTS Army went insane!

WARNING: BTS Tickets have NOT gone on sale yet.

As of this post (April 29th) official tickets are not on for sale yet. Do a quick search for BTS tickets and you will find many re-sale ticketing sites offering tickets at ridiculous prices.

In the US, BTS will go on sale on May 5th at 10am for LA, Fort Worth, Newark and on May 7th at 4pm for Oakland, Chicago, Hamilton. Prices seem to range from $60 to $250.

The official sites to book through are: San Jose & Chicago: or Dallas & Atlanta: or

Tickets are expected to sell out. In 2017, BTS successfully sold-out 40 concerts held across 19 cities for their LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE III THE WINGS TOUR, so set your clocks and get ready for BTS Love Yourself madness!

bts love yourselfBTS Love Yourself Tour Dates 2018:

  • Seoul, South Korea – Aug. 25-26, Olympic Stadium
  • Los Angeles, California – Sept. 5-6 and 8, Staples Center
  • Oakland, California – Sept. 12, Oracle Arena
  • Fort Worth, Texas – Sept. 15-16, Fort Worth – Convention Center
  • Hamilton, Ontario – Sept. 20, 22-23, First Ontario Centre
  • Newark, New Jersey – Sept. 28-29, Prudential Center
  • Chicago, Illinois – Oct. 2-3, United Center
  • London, England – Oct. 9-10, The O2 Arena
  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Oct. 13, Ziggo Dome
  • Berlin, German – Oct. 16-17, Mercedes-Benz Arena
  • Paris, France- Oct. 19-20, Accorhotels Arena

Updated 4/29 at 8:05: BTS has one official account on Instagram and not each individual. Thank you  and and

Updated 4/30: updated story make it cleaer that BTS is not just for kids and that fans.

Updated 5/5/: Tickets sold out in Fort Worth and Newark within minutes…

Despite having multiple families trying to get tickets, sadly we didn’t get any for Fortworth on either dates 🙁  The website site crashed several times and even when we managed to get to the end and added seats to the cart, a notice poped up saying they were sold to another fan….grrrrrr

Re-sale sites are now selling tickets as high as $3000 EACH despite the fact that the most expensive seats were origionally $250.

Updated 5/20/2018: BTS has just won the Top Social Artist Award at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards and  preformed their new song “Fake Love” and almost broke the internet!!


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