iphone 11 u1 uwb chip

What is the iPhone 11 U1 UWB chip feature and why is it significant?

WARNING: This is NOT one of those oooohhhh and aahhhhh blog post fanning out on Apple’s latest iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro Max. If you were expecting that, there are […]

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Understanding iPhone’s Activation Lock

As most of you know, I am not an iPhone person. Never have been however I often get questions about the iPhone Activation Lock – it seems many people often […]

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Samsung and Huawei troll Apple fans – AGAIN

I love bold marketing and both Samsung and Huawei have been stepping up their Apple trolling game in a big way. Huawei Juice In London, a long queue of excited Apple […]

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Samsung Galaxy s9 vs. iPhone X vs. Google Pixel 3

How will Samsung Galaxy S9 fare as a premium smartphone?

If there is one phone that has us non-iPhone salivating it’s the Samsung Galaxy S9 which was announced at Mobile World Congress. The camera, the specs, the phone all scream […]

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Not buying the iPhone X and what you should know beyond the iPhone X hype

By now pretty much everyone has covered the latest Apple announcement. If you don’t know about the new flagship iPhone X phone, then you probably don’t care and have been […]

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8 not so well known power tips that all iPhone users should know to extend the battery life

Once again the Facebook iPhone app comes under fire as reports are circulating around the web showing how the app drains the battery of the iPhone. Facebook is said to […]

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First impressions of the iPhone6S

The invitation said the function starts at 9pm and ends at 1am. It wasn’t for a social event but for a phone launch which would seem odd until you hear […]

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iStore takes aim at Samsung Galaxy phone owners

Another shot has been fired in the Cell-Phone wars in South Africa, and this time it has come from the iStore . Today, iStore issued an offer with a cheeky […]

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