cell phone signal is a lie

How to get faster internet on your phone with the REAL signal bars

I have full bars on my phone and yet, the internet is still so slow. Why is that? This is just so frustrating! Turns out that the bars on bars […]

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speed up wifi and internet downloads

How to DOUBLE your internet speed by changing just two settings

The days of being tied down to a computer workstation are long behind us. Even if we use the exact same desk and have the same laptop, we still like […]

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what is vpn

What everyone needs to know about VPN and why you should use one

It’s Christmas time and there are frantic lists being made of the gifts that need to be purchased. Fortunately, in 2018, much of that buying will happen online from the […]

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Jon Cozart aka Paint breaks down the YouTube Culture in a song and it is scarily accurate

[Read this in the David Attenborough voice. If you don’t know who that is, then you are making this YouTube Culture worse:] The year is 2065. The family is huddled […]

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Samsung to deploy satellites to provide internet from the sky to 5 billion people

While we seem to constantly complain about the lack of internet speed we have in South Africa, we at least can be thankful that we have connectivity. More than two […]

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Local Radio is no just local anymore

Now here is a really cool app – simple to use and just does what it is suppose to do – it streams radio stations via the internet to your […]

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How to watch the 947 and MTN Joburg Day music festival LIVE:

If you didn’t get your act together in time and bought a ticket to 947 and MTN Joburg Day, then the only other way to get your hands on ticket […]

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CliffCentral and the problem with the listener numbers

Life seems to be getting busier and busier as people expect more out of us at a much faster rate than ever before. This leave us with even less time […]

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