futuristic tech

Futuristic Tech that is here already

Whenever I speak at an event about the state of tech and the future possibilities of technology, I always get the same two questions: “When will it get here?” and […]

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self driving car

The driver-less future has already begun

If I told you a couple of years ago that you will be able to get into your car, punch in a destination, and the car will drive itself with […]

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8 important factors to consider before purchasing an electric skateboard

  One of the rewards of writing this Blog is that I get to travel to various cities and countries around the world to report on the various tech as […]

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What are the Top Trends in 2017

By most accounts, 2016 was a rather rubbish year and most people can’t wait to pop open that bubbly on New Year’s Eve and welcome in 2017 and kick 2016 firmly […]

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Ford drivers will never need to stop at a red traffic light again

The rumor says that if we drive at the speed limit, then, in theory, we should get only green traffic lights. hmmm… I am not so sure, but what if […]

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Will an AI Robot take your job ?

Speaking at a recent conference about future technologies, I was asked about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and I realized that there is a real fear when it comes to job security. […]

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What are the 4 Levels of autonomous vehicles and what do they mean?

I have been to the future and it’s amazing. At the Ford Trends event in Detroit, I heard Mark Fields, Ford’s President and CEO announce that by 2021 Ford will […]

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Ford announces the most strategic shift in the company’s 100 year history

From the moment we wake up, to the moment we go to sleep, everything we encounter has a deep technological roots. Everything around us is becoming smarter and more connected […]

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