Amazon late delivery

What to do if Your Amazon Delivery is Late

I love Amazon. I choose an item, and it magically arrives a few days later at my house; sometimes it arrived on the same day. Recently I had an issue […]

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How To get Twitch Prime

How to link your Amazon Prime to Twitch – all the steps you need to know

For those of you who don’t watch 14 hours of Fortnite gameplay or know what COD stands for these are the steps to link your Amazon Prime account to your […]

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Christmas Tech Gift Ideas

Your Last-Minute Christmas Tech Gift Guide Ideas – Amazon to the rescue!

It happened again but I wasn’t surprised. Every year around this time I get this question: “What tech gift would you recommend for Christmas for a tech guy/ girl?”. There […]

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Tribit XFree Color Wireless Earphones

Review: Tribit XFree Color Wireless Earphones

Bluetooth headphones are everywhere thanks to cell phone manufacturers who for some reason, decided that the headphone jack is no longer required. I was sent the Tribit XFree Color Wireless […]

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ford owners starbucks

Ford owners can order Starbucks with Alexa

There are three things I love in Dallas: my Ford F150 pickup truck, Getting my latest tech via Amazon and my local Starbucks. So when I heard that the three […]

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Everything you need to know about DRIVETRIBE with Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May and South African Matthew Kanniah

When it comes to cars, there are two types of people: the first type are the real tinkering-mechanics. They can recite vehicle specs, horsepower, cylinders, identify and repair engine components […]

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How to buy stuff on Amazon at the cheapest price ?

who doesn’t love Amazon ? Everything you could ever want in one single place with an incredibly simple checkout process and delivery mechanism. Amazon is THE template for all e-commerce […]

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Gamers have an incentive to become an Amazon Prime customer

oh oh –I have discovered the goldmine that is Amazon. Being from South Africa, I have used Amazon in the past, however there were always three issues. The first  was […]

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