Social Media Marketing World is like earning an MBA in Marketing in only a couple of days

Social Media Marketing World is like earning an MBA in Marketing in only a couple of days

I would argue that there isn’t another industry that changes as fast as social media does. Not only do new platforms enter the scene, but additional features are added to existing systems. And to complicate matters even more, just when you think you have a handle on things, the algorithms change forcing you to re-think everything you thought you knew.

As a Blogger and Consultant and Social Media Specialist, my life is divided into providing my clients with strategy advice and with constantly having to learn about “what’s new”. There are lots of moving cogs and it is critical to ensure that everything is spinning in the right direction – everything has a knock-on effect on something…

When it comes to learning, there are many online resources and many meetups where industry professionals meet and share information. These are superb but do they require serious coordination of calendars and travel and these usually focus on one media element.

This is where a conference like Social Media Marketing World  (SMMW) comes in.

Why Social Media Marketing World ?

This annual event brings together the Creme de la Creme across the entire social media landscape speaking about each and every conceivable topic that relates to the industry. From Trends to Step-By-Step guides and How-Tos and what works and what doesn’t. It’s all covered in over 120 sessions and workshops in a strictly non-pitch environment (so no one will utter the infomercial words of “But wait – if you buy my update course that is where the REAL value is”)

The SMMW doesn’t just focus on Facebook or just on Twitter but also focuses on YouTube, Bloggers, Live Video, Snapchat, Podcast, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Analytics, Corporate Social, Content and Social Customer Service. How do you choose what to attend ?!?! Not to worry. All attendees get access to all the sessions via video recording at no extra cost – no more FOMO! (check out the agenda here and prepare to scroll and scroll and scroll – there are just so many sessions)

It’s like earning an MBA in Marketing in only a couple of days!

Social Media Marketing World Secrets

So what makes Social Media Marketing World so successful that 3000 people make their way to San Diego every year?

I got in touch with Phil Mershon, Director of Events for Social Media Marketing World, who kindly squeezed me in for this interview during what must be a really busy time for his team.

Here is what Phil had to say:

 Phil Mershon, Director of Events for Social Media Marketing World
Phil Mershon, Director of Events for Social Media Marketing World

Q. In a “tweet” (ie a short sentence) – how would you describe  Social Media Marketing World?

A. SMMW17 is the world’s largest social media marketing conference designed to help marketers get in-depth training and networking to advance their businesses and careers.

Q. Is the event only for seasoned marketing professionals or brands or businesses?

A. The event is for marketers and business owners from any size business who wants to know what works today in social media marketing.

Q. What can one expect to learn?

A. There will 21 hands-on workshops to 120+ in -depth sessions focused on the tactics of social media marketing and content creation.

Q. How is this event different to other marketing events?

A. We provide pitch-free content from practitioners who show you exactly what works (and doesn’t work). We also provide extensive professional networking opportunities.

Q. Where do you see the future of marketing heading?

A. Marketing is becoming increasingly personal (one:one) as opposed to mass marketing. Technology enables us to know our audience and deliver valuable content and build relationships. It takes time, but it’s more meaningful and valuable.

Q. Is blogging dead and everyone is moving to video?

A. The written word will never be dead. At least 1/3 of the world still prefers to learn by reading in-depth articles and books. Video is important, but it will never replace blogging.

Q. Can you still make money with social media or are the top YouTubers taken all the limelight and the brand deals?

A. Yes, but it’s not easy money. You have to work to build an audience and provide them what they value and are willing to pay for.

Q. Influencers are said to play an even bigger part in 2017, do you agree/ disagree and why?

A. Yes. Influencer marketing is becoming very important since most of social media has gone to paid advertising. Influencers can help businesses and brands reach audiences that would normally cost a lot more in paid advertising.


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